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Texas Archbishop Cancels Loyal Priest for Placing God before Man

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Reverend Gustavo García-Siller; MSpS, Archbishop of San Antonio, has taken action against Fr. John Mary Foster of the Mission of Divine Mercy after the priest made public what he felt were divine revelations to his religious community.


The Texas archbishop has removed Fr. Foster's faculties and has taken action to seize the property of the religious order he founded and paid for because the archbishop does not like Foster's religion. The reasons the archbishop cites for taking this action are only an excuse and clearly show Foster to be in the right. 


While Fr. Foster's statements about obedience to errant Church authority are a bit uncommon these days his words are right in line with legitimate Church teaching. Unfortunately, the archbishop found his words appalling.


"The key question is: Are we obeying God? We should always obey God. And normally, we should obey legitimate human authorities but only in those cases where human authorities are acting in accord with God’s law."


False Obedience


Foster here says the Gospel truth. When obedience to errant Church authority is going to mean committing a moral fault or sin one must not obey lest he disobey Christ. For mere man we do not offend God with false obedience and the lives of the saints certainly tell us this. Foster's claim "that the Church is facing an extreme crisis, beyond any she has faced before" is absolutely true yet the archbishop sees this as evidence against him.


Divine Messages Allegedly Received


The prelate's primary charge against Fr. Foster is his claim that God has transmitted divine revelations through one of the nuns of his order, Sr. Amapola, but the archbishop has no moral or legal right to condemn these revelations unless he first carries out his duty as bishop to undertake a canonical investigation according to the rules set down by the Vatican's CDF (now the DDF). The archbishop hasn't investigated the revelations and until he does clergy and laity are free to believe and disseminate these messages.

Usurper on the Chair of Peter


Archbishop Garcia-Siller was particularly unnerved by the message received between February 22 and 26, 2024, in which God spoke to the bishops thus:

“You have not only let the smoke of Satan infiltrate into My Sanctuary; but you have allowed a whole army of demons to take your places.

“And you have allowed the usurper to sit on the chair of My Peter—he who is carrying out the Great Treason that will leave My Church desolate…

“You have not recognized the wolves that surround you. You have received them as true shepherds. And instead of speaking only My Words, My Truth, you have let them howl and you have begun to imitate them as well.”

From this and other like messages received, we see that Francis (Cdl. Bergoglio) is the usurper who is exercising illegitimate authority and acting as the enemy of Christ to destroy the Church.

Prelates like Archbishop Garcia-Siller find this message hard because it convicts them of their errors and threatens to take from them the new religion of man for which they have slaved for the past fifty years. It means having to admit that their new religion is wrong and that the man on the Throne of Peter is the usurper who has manipulated them as useful idiots to filter corrupt and heretical teachings down to the man in the pew.

God's justice is such that He often allows the wayward to continue on their errant path, but before intervening with the hand of justice He will show them a mirror of themselves thereby giving them one last chance to repent before being cast off altogether. 

Cut to the Heart


God has now flashed this mirror in the face of Archbishop Garcia-Siller and his cohorts. He is now in great consternation of mind seeing the ruin that he and other bishops have made of themselves and the Church.  Instead of humbly responding to Heaven's warnings with repentance and a change back to pre-Vatican II teaching he has lashed out against Fr. Foster to the point of cancelling him and stealing his property.

Clearly his malice is manifest for all to see. The archbishop is one of many Judases today who are out to cancel as many loyal and devout priests as they can, so faithful Catholics should not endorse him but should pray for those loyal traditional priests who he victimizes out of envy. 





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