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Incorrupt Remains of Saintly Nun Continuing to Make News Throughout the World

David Martin | The Daily Knight

The news is continuing to spread about Sr. Wilhelmina, the African American Benedictine nun from Missouri who was discovered to be incorrupt upon being exhumed on April 28. Pilgrims from throughout the world have been coming in the thousands to pay homage to the deceased Catholic nun. Sr. Wilhelmina died in 2019 at the age of 95.

The funeral director for her burial confirmed on May 28 that Sr. Wilhelmina was never embalmed and that her coffin hadn’t been sealed against the elements, for which reason the coffin had filled with water and dirt following her burial.

Even so, Sr. Wilhelminia’s body was found perfectly intact when her coffin was opened last month. Nor did her remains let off the least odor. In a humid climate like Missouri’s, her body should have been worms and maggots after four weeks.

People throughout the world have come to acknowledge that God has miraculously preserved Sr. Wilhelminia’s body from decomposition. By this, He is sending the world a message, namely, that He approves of her purpose and manner of life. Sister Wilhelmina founded an exemplary order of nuns in 1995 who with one mind fervently aspire for the universal return of the Traditional Latin Mass. She emphasized the need to return to pre-Vatican II practice and she ardently practiced what she preached to the very end.

After an ecclesiastical investigation is conducted, it is anticipated that Sr. Wilhelmina will be officially listed among the approximate 250 bodies of saintly souls who now lie incorrupt throughout the world.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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