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  • Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

I descend from Catholic Jacobites, and I oppose the Usurper Biden

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

King Charles III ("Bonnie Prince Charlie"), Second Successor to King James II and the Jacobite Cause

The lawful and duly elected President of the United States, by the American people and convalidated by the rightful application of the U.S. Constitution, is Donald J. Trump. The certification and blind acceptance of an election, fraught with voter fraud, election law violations, and foreign interference, does not conceive a just and indisputable outcome. On the contrary, by its unjust nature, the election remains null and void.

Like the tyranny that was thrusted against my ancestors in Ireland, time has chosen, once again, to present a profound test of loyalty to justice. In a very similar situation of an unlawful assumption of power, my family witnessed the treasonous deposition of King James II as King of England, Scotland, and Ireland in 1688. For over 50 years, in Ireland and exiled in France, my ancestors (the O'Hegarty's) fought for the Crown and Divine Order against the Usurper in London. They were known as Jacobites, from the Latinized form of James.

Faithful Catholics were marginalized, persecuted, barred from public service, imprisoned, and murdered by the English Crown for over a century. Like President Trump, James II, the Duke of York and brother and heir to King Charles II, posed a great threat to the secular, albeit protestant, hegemony that imposed unjust religious intolerance and financial usury for their own self interests.

King James II of England

Held in secret for over a decade, James II's conversion to Catholicism was made public after his refusal, mandated by the English Parliament's Test Act of 1673, to disavow the doctrine of transubstantiation, denounce other practices of the Catholic Church as superstitious and idolatrous, and to receive the Eucharist under the auspices of the Church of England. In his commitment to refuse any such action, James II relinquished his royal military post of Lord High Admiral.

In a eerily similar fashion, the die was cast at the moment of his public conversion to Catholicism. The "deep state" began a covert coup to remove a future executive, just as the Obama Administration, corrupt CIA and FBI agents, and the Democratic leadership conspired to illegally spy on and fabricate evidence against then President-Elect Trump.

The Duke of York's public conversion instantly sparked outrage across the kingdom, for which James II combatted by asserting, "if occasion were, I hope God would give me his grace to suffer death for the true Catholic religion as well as banishment." Banishment did not come, although there were several attempts to exclude him from the royal line of succession, like parliament's Exclusion Bill of 1679. King Charles II dissolved the 1679, 1680, and 1681 parliaments to prevent the exclusion of James II, which abrupted in a failed republican revolution in 1683 by notable Whig party leaders, including the Earl of Essex and the Duke of Monmouth, the illegitimate son of King Charles II.

King Charles II died in 1685 and, like his brother James II, converted to Catholicism on his deathbed. Having no legitimate children, Charles was succeeded by his brother James, who reigned in England and Ireland as James II, and in Scotland as James VII.

Stuart White Rose, Jacobite Banner

Much like the failed "Russian Hoax" and "Impeachment Trials" of President Trump, two rebellions ensued, led by the Earl of Argyll and the Duke of Monmouth and supported from the shores of the protestant Dutch. Both rebellions, failing to gain much support and resources, were quickly put down by the King's forces. The dissenters, including Argyll and Monmouth, were executed and many were exiled to indentured servitude in the West Indies.

King James II worked to expand religious liberty for his subjects and drive out corruption from the military, privy council, and parliament. He advocated for the repeal of the penal laws that imposed civil penalties on Catholics and other protestant nonconformists in the three kingdoms and throughout the colonies. Through his dispensing power as sovereign, a similar concept to the American "executive order," James II appointed Catholics to military commands and public offices without a requirement to take the oath mandated by the Test Act. Parliament saw these measures as major violations and objected, leading James II to order the assembly prorogued in November 1685, otherwise prohibited from meeting again during his reign.

In 1686, Godden v. Hales, in an eleven to twelve judge majority, affirmed James II's dispensing power over Acts of Parliament. Immediately, King James II issued the Declaration of Indulgence, negating the penal laws that punished both Catholics and protestant dissenters. Speaking on the matter, James II argued; "suppose... there should be a law made that all black men should be imprisoned, it would be unreasonable and we had as little reason to quarrel with other men for being of different [religious] opinions as for being of different complexions." The King was on the just and moral side of the argument, but, unfortunately, not on the right side of revolutionary history.

"Protection of England"; Glorious Revolution

After purging government offices of corruption and of those who opposed religious liberty, noble and parliamentary leaders, fearing they were next to receive justice for their abuses, committed high treason by conspiring with William the Orange, sovereign of Holland, to invade England. Protestant traitors celebrate this coup as the Glorious Revolution, where first red flag of communism was flown.

The domestic and foreign usurpation of the rule of law in England, Ireland, and Scotland is not far from what occurred in the United States over the past four years. The coup (call a spade a spade) began in 2016 with the Hillary Clinton Campaign, Obama Administration, corrupt government agencies, mainstream and social medias, and foreign actors working in tandem to obstruct, interfere with, and spy on the Trump Campaign and his early Administration. It continued with the witch-hunt to incriminate White House officers, all with the aim (albeit a failed one) to uncover an angle to fabricate misdemeanors on President Trump; the DNC funded Russian collusion hoax, which fed the financially wasteful Robert Mueller investigation and the erroneous impeachment of the President for obstruction; the weaponization of COVID-19 by liberal politicians to destroy the Trump economy, putting stress on American's financial stability and putting people out of work; the use of economic hardships by democratic leaders to sow lies about systemic racism and white supremacy to incite violence from uncontrolled urban mobs and looters and organized Antifa and BLM; and the conspiracy by domestic and foreign entities to commit voter fraud, violate state election laws, and interfere with data for the 2020 General Election. Like William the Orange, the Chinese Communist Party was invited to invade the electoral process of the United States. Of the detriment to the lawful integrity and safety of America, this coup continued with the second impeachment trial of the President, as an usurper occupies the Oval Office.

Fearing to make him a Catholic martyr, King James II was exiled to France, to live with his cousin, King Louis XIV; and, the English Parliament, following several erroneous charges against King James II (much like the Second Impeachment Trial of President Trump), passed a Bill of Rights that declared that no Catholic was permitted to ascend the English throne, nor could any English monarch marry a Catholic. This unlawful and immoral act was an attempt to prevent the true King's return, no different than the commitment to neglect the will of the American voter in the United States. Parliament nor Congress rule the land, the people do.

"For Faith and Fame and Honour"

In 1689, the Irish Parliament refused to recognize William the Orange, sparking the return of King James II to raise a Jacobite Army. My family, hailing from County Donegal, fought under Sir Neil O'Neill, Lord Lieutenant of Armagh, and were defeated at the Battle of the Boyne on July 1, 1690. Facing persecution, my ancestors followed many into exile in France, which was known as the Flight of the Wild Geese. France and Belgium would become platforms for Catholic Jacobite resistance, armed and political, against the usurpers "William and Mary" in London.

Under service to the French Crown, who joined the righteous fight to restore the rightful King of England, my patriarchs earned field grade positions in the French Irish Brigade under Comte de Lally-Tollendal, appointment to the Royal & Military Order of Saint Louis, and ministry positions in the Royal Court. For 50 years, my family made countless sacrifices to protect their oaths to God, King, and Country. From the Nine Years' War (1688-1697), to the War of Austrian Succession (1740-1748; notably the Battles of Fontenoy and Lauffeld), and to the Seven Years' War (1756-1763), many O'Hegarty's fought for King James II, King James III, and King Charles III (Bonnie Prince Charlie). Our struggle in France ended during the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror, another "red revolution."

Lally's Regiment, Irish Brigade (France)

The above historical tale is not far from the Democrat Coup that started in 2016 and culminated through the 2020 General Election. As a former Captain in the U.S. Army and West Point Graduate, I swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against enemies foreign and domestic, and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same. To do anything other than fight and remain loyal to truth, would be a violation of that oath that I gave nearly 12 years ago. While I may not fight as ferociously as my ancestors, nor in the same condition, nor as long in years and as many generations, I pray that the saints from whom I descend give me courage to remain true and faithful to the divine cause.

In the words of my Jacobite ancestors: "Tandem Triumphans" (Triumphant at Last).

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.


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