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Francis Cannot Refute Abp. Vigano’s Charge that he is Involved with LGBT Predation

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Pope Francis with LGBT advocate Fr. James Martin whose pro-LGBT work he praises

In the past period people have noted how Pope Francis has uttered slurs about homosexuals, calling them faggots and the like, but has it occurred to them why? It’s a diversionary tactic. Francis knew that Archbishop Viganò was making ready to expose the truth about his gay-friendly activity, so he's pretending he doesn't like gays to discredit and tone down accusations that he is one of them. 


On May 29, Viganò went on record as saying that Francis abused a novice in the Jesuit Order, “as personally confided to me by one of his former novices.” It was but a short time later that Francis resorted to drastic measures and “excommunicated” Viganò but without refuting the charge.


Most Telling


This is telling. Simple common sense will tell us that if a prelate is innocent of a serious charge, he will promptly defend himself against it and debunk it for the good of the Church, but Francis and his Vatican are not able to do this. Never once has he addressed the issue or made the least effort to defend himself against the accusation, which only shows that Viganò is saying the truth. 


And it's not just Archbishop Viganò. Fr. Gene Gomulka, a trained theologian, seminary instructor, and leading expert in investigating cases of clerical sex-abuse stated recently that Francis as bishop concealed cases of sexual abuse while in Argentina, and that there is evidence that several of his former novices in the Jesuit Order were personally abused by him. However, Gomulka says that the witnesses are laying low because they are worried about what might happen to them if they speak out. 


It calls to mind what happened to Fr. Joe Moreno who was scheduled to meet with Archbishop Viganò in Washington DC but who never showed up because he was murdered shortly before the meeting. This occurred in October 2012. Fr. Joe's sister Sue Moreno told Chanel 7 Eyewitness news:

"His desk drawer was broken into. His file cabinet is missing, his current files are missing. His fax machine is missing."


"Joey was going to expose something," Sue said.


Every indication is that Fr. Moreno was going to show Archbishop Viganò documented evidence about clerical sexual abuse and its key perpetrators, so it shouldn’t surprise us that they found him dead.


Some might argue that accusing Francis of involvement with LGBT predation is a false and opinionated charge, but the mere fact that he has appointed notorious LGBT predators to the highest positions of the Church and has repeatedly urged priests to bless homosexual relations is the highest form of sexual predation imaginable. This is what is spreading the plague of sodomy throughout the universal Church!


And Francis knows it full well.




Edward Garnier
Edward Garnier
Jul 15

Pray for all these poor souls!


Jul 12

More likely, his Holiness hasn't refuted the charges because they are baseless and he sees no need to give them unwarranted attention. If there were any actual evidence of wrongdoing on his part, it's next-to-impossible to believe that his Holiness's many right wing enemies wouldn't be publishing every scintilla of scandal they could spin into something salacious.

Edward Garnier
Edward Garnier
Jul 15
Replying to

I take it you're not a right winger.

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