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  • Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

Fr. Altman: God Damns Feminism and Communism

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

Catholic priest Fr. James Altman returns to Alpha News with another impassioned presentation to discuss the spawn of the Russian error as warned about by Our Lady of Fatima in 'God Damns Feminism and Communism.'

"if we belong to the state, as the ultimate master, well then we no longer belong to God," Fr. Altman asserted.

Our Lady of Fatima gave us a clear "warning that if her requests were not granted Russia will spread it's errors throughout the world raising up wars and persecutions of the Church," he stated. "Well look at the last hundred years; unfortunately, these errors in Russia" has spread throughout the world.

We see the "Russian error and we see that in all around us in the destruction of faith in the destruction of family," Fr. Altman continued. "We knew this was happening; we knew this was going to happen...we've known it since Pope Leo XIII's vision on Oct. 13th, 1884," when satan wanted a hundred years and a lot more power.

"The malice of the Russian error, the malice of hell, has been building for over a century," of which we see the hand of satan.

We have witnessed, almost overnight, "our country evolve into a totalitarian, marxist, socialist, Russian error government."

"There will be martyrs, as our Blessed Mother warned us about," he exclaimed. "Keep the faith no matter what, no matter the malice, no matter the martyrdom; and because, unlike every godless socialist and every fake catholic lemming who follows him [satan], we really do know in the end Christus Vincit, Christ conquers."

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.


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