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Dying Cattle Fueling “Climate Change” Narrative

David Martin | The Daily Knight

There has been much publicity aloft about 2000 cattle that have died in the recent Kansas heatwave. What is interesting is that some Kansas ranchers are mystified as to why the cattle have died. Obviously, they’re not all attributing these deaths to the heat.

It indeed appears that heat has not been the sole cause of cattle deaths in Kansas. Temperatures in Kansas have been in the 90s, which is normal for this time of the year. Even prolonged triple-digit temperatures above 104 with high humidity in June-July are not uncommon for Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. The 10-day forecast for Kansas is for temperatures in the 90s, not 100-110 like some media outlets are saying. Even Ulysses, Kansas, the epicenter of the heatwave where daytime highs topped 100 degrees this past week is expecting 90 degree weather for the period ahead.

Animal Killers at Large?

If the cattle are given water and proper care they don't die in this heat. They are dying because ‘big brother’ apparently has poisoned them so they can blame it on the weather and fuel the “climate change” narrative as well as to feign depletion of the beef supply to drive the price of meat up and further wreck the economy.

We say "feign" because five or ten thousand cattle dying in a week puts no dent in the meat industry since over 100,000 cattle are slaughtered each day in America. The food supply in our stores is diminishing because over 100 food processing plants across America have been destroyed and truckers are being told not to deliver food to the markets. Dying cows has had nothing to do with a "meat shortage." That five or ten thousand cattle deaths should occur statewide during a heatwave is no big news, it happens on occasion, but this won't affect the production and sale of packaged beef.

But was it even the heat that killed the cattle in Kansas?

Catholic blogger Ann Barnhardt who worked for many years as a cattle broker has weighed in on this "mass cattle die-off." According to Barnhardt, the dead cattle shown on video were not on pasture but were in confinement feedlots.

“They were not on ranges, grazing. They were in feedlots. Standing in dirt, in fenced pens, eating grain (corn) and drinking water from feed troughs all day every day. These cattle hadn’t seen a ranch, or eaten a blade of grass, in months.”

Hence these cattle were completely dependent on their “caretakers” to fill their troughs each day, which would make it very easy to slip a little extra “nutrition” in the mix so they can get the climate change narrative going for bureaucrats. Or they may have simply starved them for that matter.

In recent years there have been numerous reports of mysterious cattle deaths amidst allegations that they were starved or poisoned so we shouldn't rule out that animal killers could have played a part in this latest episode.

Naturally, they’ll wait for a heatwave to administer the dose since it makes it much easier to blame the weather in the same way paid arsonists in California will wait for a “Santa Ana” heat wave before throwing the match in the hillside. The allegations that Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) employees have caused more than 1500 California wildfires in the past six years, including the deadliest blaze in the state’s history, the Camp Fire Blaze,” are not without foundation.

Globalists Trying to Frame America

Lighting fires, poisoning marine life, and killing cattle so that U.N. globalists can accuse America of abusing the environment is all part of the globalist plan to dissolve America’s sovereignty and subdue it under a one-world government, which they call the “Great Reset.” They’re always quick to exploit and politicize slight weather events or disasters, many of which they deliberately create, to make it look like America has ruined the environment so that they can demand payback from her.

And the payback they require is that America relinquish its sovereignty and let U.N. globalists assume the full task of ‘making America and the world a better place.’ Their plan includes rounding up American patriots like cattle and placing them in red barns so that they can complete the takeover of our country without resistance.

Can we understand now why Biden and the globalists are working so feverishly to take our Second Amendment rights away from us?



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