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Diabolical Chimera Human-Monkey Embryos Created

Michael Westhead | The Daily Knight

Chimera Human-Monkey Embryos created by US and China

In the 24 chapter of St. Matthew’s Gospel, Christ tells us that in the last times, lawlessness will abound. St. Paul confirms this, too. And while this primarily refers to men’s desire to choose their own morality in contest to God and His moral law, it also can be seen to infect even the most basic precepts of human decency and conduct.

Nowhere is the lawlessness of our own times seen more clearly than when men flagrantly disregard laws which even they themselves have put in place. Take for instance the current covid restrictions and vaccination proclamations which completely contradict the UN Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights adopted October 19, 2005 in several places:

"Human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms are to be fully respected... The interests and welfare of the individual should have priority over the sole interest of science or society." [1]

"The importance of cultural diversity and pluralism should be given due regard. However, such considerations are not to be invoked to infringe upon human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms, nor upon the principles set out in this Declaration, nor to limit their scope." [1]

"The impact of life sciences on future generations, including on their genetic constitution, should be given due regard." [1]

Thus, these fast track mRNA vaccines, produced without animal testing, clearly violate such rights. From the use of fetal cell lines, to the treatment of the human race as guinea pigs for a novel experimental treatment (one huge clinical trial), there is simply no way to square this abhorrent approach with the UN declaration of human rights. But who cares.

After all, science is used to violating laws it has itself put up. Because, you know, “things are always changing”. For instance the what was once known as selective breeding or animal husbandry is now assisted evolution. [5] Or how about the second law of thermodynamics which states that things tend from order to towards disorder. Never mind – actually, everything came from nothing, order came about from disorder, and life from non-life.

Or perhaps the most egregious example of unscientific thinking: the multiverse. For at one point scientists actually believed that scientific explanations must be based on real and observable phenomenon. But a multiverse by its very definition is unobservable in any way - and since act preceed’s potency, as St. Thomas Aquinas teaches – it is neither real in any way.

Agnostics they are indeed, for such people really do know nothing.

Recently, though the theorizing has hit home in the form of human chimera research. Formerly under moratorium, this ban was lifted simply because, well, it just wasn’t enforced. [6] The moratorium had called into question the insertion of human genes into non-human cells or embryos. The most recent violation goes well beyond. Researchers have now taken induced pluripotent human stem cells and added them to a primate embryos. [2]

To grasp the full gravity of this situation, human pluripotent stem cells of an embryonic stage will later develop into entire organ systems. The removal of just one of these cells might mean you don’t have and arm, or a kidney, or a lower digestive tract later on. These cells are so vital that an error of this kind will usually lead to miscarriage.

This amalgamation of human and primate cells would, if taken to maturity, lead to animals which are partly human in material composition. If you do not believe me, believe the researchers themselves because the entire goal of this research is to one day establish organ transplant candidates from these animal hybrids. Organ farms.*

*As a side note, I explained all of this to my biology students who didn’t seem to find any problems with the whole idea until they realized some animals would die. That is how far we’ve drifted from any source of traditional morality.

This builds on other chimeric research such as the absolutely horrifying studies being conducted at the university of Pittsburgh where human scalps obtained from aborted fetuses are being grafted onto mice. [3] This study will promote understanding of non-human host organism with the same goal of human health and longevity in mind.

Mice with human scalps.

The culture of death solves problems through killing. “It refers to a civilization that endorses lethal omissions and even outright killing by doctors to alleviate suffering or resolve life crises.” [4] When the reign of Antichrist comes, and the apparent solution to men’s problems is revealed, is it far-fetched to think it will have this same perverse, murder-tainted stench of material immortality these experiments seek?

This is not to suggest that Antichrist is at the gates, or even, that we as a generation will make it that far. Let’s consider some religious implications. God destroyed Sodom and Gemorrha on grounds of sexual immorality. He did the same in Noah’s day as can be gleaned from the ancient jewish sources

“The generation of the Flood was not wiped out until they wrote gemumasi’ot for (the union of a man to) a male or to an animal.” (Midrash, Genesis 26:5)

Christ elevated marriage to a sacrament and returned it to the primordial sanctity it enjoyed in the beginning. In the beginning God made them male and female, He blessed them and told them to multiply and in doing so “the two shall become one flesh.” (Gen. 2:24)

This last part is critical. Could these experiments in some way be viewed as a kind of unholy marriage between a man and an animal. The scientist who made these two in one flesh may very well have to answer this selfsame question before the throne of almighty God.

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, pray for us and for the conversion of scientists who have gone astray and fail to see the Hand of their creator in the lives of His magnificent creatures.







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