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Cardinal Parolin “Opposes” German Bishops’ Support of LBGT, Women Priests

By David Martin | The Daily Knight

Cardinal Parolin who is known the world over for his oppression of the Underground Church in China

It appears that Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin is on special assignment to dupe conservative Catholic groups about the Vatican’s true plans to move forward with ultra radical measures in the coming year.

In a Vatican letter issued November 24, Parolin told the German Bishops that the Church will not “confer priestly ordination on women” and that the Church’s teachings on the disordered nature of homosexuality will not change. Moreover, he warned of disciplinary consequences, including excommunication, for those who defy *this Church teaching.

He also said that changes to the Church’s teachings on homosexuality are off the table at next year’s meetings in Rome between German Synodal bishops and Vatican officials.

Stratagem to Conceal Sin

This hardly gels with the truth. Parolin is pointing fingers at the German bishops for their LGBT corruption, but he and his Curia need to look to themselves. They have a mob of homosexual prelates overrunning the Vatican and polluting the Church, even to the point now of blessing ‘transgenders’ and granting them the grace of Baptism and that of being godparents, and all with Parolin’s blessing.

Every indication is that the blessing of homosexuality will be the focal point of the upcoming discussions in Rome and that Parolin is simply concealing this to ensure greater secrecy and success in empowering LGBT at the forthcoming meetings between Rome and the German Bishops.

Catholics Should Not Trust Parolin

Members of the Catholic Church should not listen to Parolin’s line to the German bishops because he is in league with one-world globalists that are working around the clock to oppress and destroy the Catholic Church. Unless he has undergone some radical conversion to the Faith and unless he openly confesses to his collusion with the CCP in tyrannizing the underground Church in China, his line to the German bishops is just a slick political maneuver to conceal his complicity with the Church’s enemies.

The facts speak for themselves. On June 6, 2018, Parolin was a key participant at the annual Bilderberg meeting, which is committed to abolishing Christianity and enslaving the nations under a tyrannical one-world rule. The Bilderberg meeting is organized and attended by the members of the Illuminati, a satanic network of secret society initiates who labor for Lucifer under the pain of death. Bilderberg members, like Bill Gates, drink human blood.

Remember too, Parolin is a Communist who along with Francis has slaved for the cause of removing the true bishops from China and granting Communist agents posing as bishops full jurisdiction over the underground Church in China. Francis and Parolin together have handed the loyal Chinese Catholics over to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) knowing very well they’re being oppressed, brutalized, and even burned alive.

The fake bishops oppressing the Chinese Church are the members of the Catholic Patriotic Association, a Communist front organization that was condemned by Pope Pius XII in June 1958. The pope declared any of their functions, ordinations, or consecrations to be null and void, yet Parolin lives for his pact with the CCP.

Is there any logical reason why anyone should believe him?

*We shouldn’t rule out that he is referring to the pro-LGBT teachings of the antichurch, which he and his kind see as “The Church” and that he is pushing these antichurch teachings under the pretext of supporting orthodox teachings to deceive Catholics about the Vatican’s real plans.



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