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Call Script to Georgia Voters to Ensure Votes were Counted

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Please refer to the following for your calls as well


Cancelled (7091) – Ballots that were cancelled for any reason and the voter may or may not have received a replacement ballot.

Voters on the cancelled list are being called to be made aware that their initial ballot has been added to a list indicating it was cancelled and then determine if they were provided a replacement ballot. We will share the reason (provided by SOS and not uniform) their ballot was cancelled and confirm the reason. The voter will then be asked if they received a replacement ballot. If the voter received a replacement ballot, we will confirm they were able to successfully submit the replacement ballot to vote.


[Q1] Hello, may I speak with ____? My name is ____ and I’m with Trump Victory. We have reason to believe that your Georgia Presidential General election ballot has not been accepted by your board of elections office. This may be for several reasons, were you able to cast your ballot?

1. Yes, Voted (GO to Q2)

2. No, Outstanding (GO to Q2)

3. No, Ballot Returned (GO to Q2)

4. No, Ballot Cancelled (GO to Q2)

5. Refused (GO to CLOSE 1)

[Q2] The reason we have received from the board of elections as to why you ballot didn’t count was _________ (READ “STATUS REASON” in column J excel). We need your vote to count. Did your local official contact you to tell you your ballot was cancelled?

1. Yes (GO to Q3)

2. No (GO to CLOSE 2)

3. Doesn’t Know (GO to Q3)

[Q3] Can we count on you to go cure your ballot today?

1. Yes (Go to Q4)

2. No (GO to CLOSE 2)

3. Undecided (GO TO CLOSE 2)

4. Refused (GO TO CLOSE 2)

[Q4] Do you need assistance or a ride?

1. Yes (GO to CLOSE 2)

2. No (GO to CLOSE 2)

3. Undecided (GO to CLOSE 2)

4. Refused (GO to CLOSE 2)

[CLOSE 1]: Thank you for your time. Have a great day! Paid for by the Georgia Republican Party. Not Authorized by Any Candidate or Candidate's Committee.

[CLOSE 2] Great. This will be the closest election in recent Georgia history. Please do your civic duty by becoming a voter If you want to find out more information about your ballot status, please visit the “My Voter Page” on the Secretary of State’s website. And if you need a ride, we are willing to help! Paid for by the Georgia Republican Party. Not Authorized by Any Candidate or Candidate's Committee.

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