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  • Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

BREAKING: Wisconsin Assembly Authorizes Investigation of 2020 Presidential Election

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

Yesterday, March 23rd, he Republican-controlled Wisconsin state assembly passed a resolution to authorize an investigation into the 2020 presidential election amid evidence of voter fraud, violation of state election laws, and foreign interference with tabulation and data.

The resolution passed on a 58-35 party-line vote.

The committee, overseeing the investigation, will now have subpoena power to compel testimony and gather documents within Wisconsin state jurisdiction.

The Associated Press reported:

The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Assembly passed a resolution Tuesday to authorize an investigation into the 2020 presidential election that President Joe Biden narrowly won in the state.

The resolution, opposed by Democrats, is needed to give the committee authorization if it decides to issue subpoenas to compel testimony and gather documents, said Rep. Joe Sanfelippo. He is vice-chairman of the Assembly elections and campaign committee that would conduct the probe.

The resolution authorizing the investigation passed on a 58-35 party line vote, with all Republicans in support and all Democrats against. It passed after Republicans last month ordered an audit of the election results.

Republicans said they wanted to gather more evidence to see if laws were broken, but Democrats said they were trying to score political points, undermining the public’s faith in elections and insulting election clerks, poll workers and others who ran the election.

President Trump had a sizable lead in Wisconsin, like most states, on election night when election officials in battleground states unanimously decided to stop counting after 11pm.

After 4am, when no counting was made known to the public, the narrative flips and the Usurper Joe Biden was in the lead. Not only did this jump mathematically and statistically provide an impossible anomaly, it stole votes away from President Donald J. Trump. The same scenario occurred in Michigan and in Georgia (including the U.S. Senate runoffs).

The Gateway Pundit articulated how the Usurper "Joe Biden somehow outperformed Barack Obama’s 2008 [rockstar] performance and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 numbers in Milwaukee County, despite the Census Bureau’s data indicating the county actually shrank in the last 10 years."

Furthermore, "the Democrats used every trick in the book to steal Wisconsin, including increasing the number of “indefinitely confined” voters who can vote without IDs."

"The total number of “indefinitely confined” voters, or Express Votes ballots for individuals with disabilities skyrocketed from around 60,000 in 2016 to over 240,000 in 2020," The Gateway Pundit reported. Adjudicated ballots, like in all battleground states, decreased instead of following the trend of increased mail-in-ballots.

Poll watchers in Dane County found thousands of ballots with the initials ‘MLW’ on them; they were also in pristine condition and had no creases, as if they were professionally printed.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos spoke in favor of a public investigation into the 2020 election, to be fully transparent to the voters, and "to see if any other issues are raised that need to be considered." – reported

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.


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