BREAKING: Former Michigan Senator publishes Election Fraud Evidence

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

Former Michigan State Senator, Patrick Colbeck, who represented the northwestern portion of Wayne County from 2011 to 2019, has published a "complete list of the affidavits and other items of evidence" that he was privy of.

In this age of communistic cancel culture, "these affidavits and items of evidence have been redacted to protect affiants from assault, doxing, lawsuits, threats of lawsuits and other forms of intimidation which have been directed at many of those who assert that there was election fraud in this election."

Colbeck confirms that "many of the affidavits presented have already been entered as exhibits into state and federal lawsuits."

To address the mainstream charge that there was no election fraud in the 2020 General Election, Colbeck asserts that "across the nation, thousands of signed affidavits and other items of evidence attesting to election fraud have been generated...clearly, assertions that there is no election fraud conflicts with this fact."

While evidence is surmountable and widespread, state and federal courts have continued to refuse to hear the arguments and view exhibits. Ironically, this is done while the left glotes about stealing the election in the Times Magazine article by Molly Ball entitled “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election."

"There has been a concerted effort by Big Tech, Media, and Deep State operatives to suppress this information," said Colbeck.

"See for yourself the statements made by actual witnesses, including my own, under penalty of perjury if false," stated Colbeck. "I have chosen to organize these affidavits into the following primary categories in alignment with the structured followed in my Case for the Decertification of Michigan Election Results:"

  • Chain of Custody Breaches

  • Statutory Violations

  • Constitutional Violations

  • Voting Systems Vulnerabilities

  • Use of COVID to Subvert Election Integrity


1 Chain of Custody Breaches

1.1 QVF

MI-6a Affidavit

E-4 Voting Age Population Analysis

E-5 MI Secretary of State Deletes 177,000 Ineligible Voters AFTER the Election

1.2 Poll Books

MI-3 Affidavit

1.3 Ballots

MI-2 Affidavit

MI-3 Affidavit

1.4 Vote Tallies

MI-3 Affidavit

MI-4 Affidavit

MI-5 Affidavit

2 Statutory Violations

2.1 State Statutes

2.1.1 MCL 168.509o Qualified Voter File

2.1.1 MCL 168.735 Poll Books

MI-3 Affidavit

2.1.1 MCL 168.734 Poll Challenger Interference

MI-2 Affidavit

MI-3 Affidavit

MI-4 Affidavit

MI-5 Affidavit

2.1.1 MCL 168.727 Poll Challenges Documentation

MI-3 Affidavit

2.1.1 MCL 168 .765 Bi-Partisan Poll Inspectors

MI-2 Affidavit

MI-3 Affidavit

2.1.1 MCL 168.765a Absentee Ballots

2.1.1 MCL 168.798 Public Notifications

2.1.1 MCL 168.931 Election Official Bias

E-10 Detroit Poll Inspector

MI-3 Affidavit

2.2 Federal Statutes

2.2.1 Title 52 Section 20701

2.2.2 Title 52 Section 20702

3 Constitutional Violations

3.1 Michigan Constitution

3.1.1 Article 1 Section 2

3.1.2 Article 1 Section 3

3.1.3 Article 1 Section 5

MI-4 Affidavit

3.1.4 Article II Section 4

3.2 Federal

3.2.1 Article II Section 1

3.2.2 Freedom of Assembly

3.2.3 Freedom of Speech

E-8 AG Nessel Threatens Patrick Colbeck with Charges for Citing Examples of Election Fraud

E-9 AG Nessel Threatens Attorney Matt DePerno with Sanctions

3.2.4 Freedom of the Press

4 Voting Systems Vulnerabilities

4.1 Foreign Control

MI-1 Affidavit

MI-7 Affidavit

4.2 SCYTL Modules

MI-1 Affidavit

MI-7 Affidavit

4.3 Ranked Choice Voting Module

E-1 Antrim Michigan Forensics Report [redacted]

4.4 Adjudication Process

4.5 Internet Connectivity

MI-1 Affidavit

MI-5 Affidavit

MI-7 Affidavit

E-6 Detroit AV Counting Board Observed Network Topology

E-7 Active Wi-Fi Networks on 11/3-4/20 at Detroit AV Counting Board

5 Use of COVID to Subvert Election Integrity

5.1 Poll Challengers Interference

MI-2 Affidavit

MI-4 Affidavit

MI-5 Affidavit

5.2 Detroit Elections Bureau Stonewalling

5.3 14-Day Extension

5.4 Limits on Freedom of Assembly

Raw List of Affidavits

Affidavits are notarized legal documents in which the assertions are subject to charges of perjury if not true.

MI-1 Affidavit

MI-2 Affidavit

MI-3 Affidavit

MI-4 Affidavit

MI-5 Affidavit

MI-6 Affidavit

MI-6a Affidavit

MI-6b Affidavit

MI-6c Affidavit

MI-7 Affidavit

MI-8 Affidavit

MI-9 Affidavit

MI-10 Affidavit

MI-11 Affidavit

MI-12 Affidavit

MI-13 Affidavit

MI-14 Affidavit

MI-14a Affidavit

MI-15 Affidavit

MI-15a Affidavit

MI-15b Affidavit

MI-15c Affidavit

MI-16 Affidavit

MI-17 Affidavit

MI-17a Affidavit

MI-18 Affidavit

MI-19 Affidavit

MI-20 Affidavit

MI-21 Affidavit

MI-22 Affidavit

MI-23 Affidavit

MI-23a Affidavit

MI-23b Affidavit

MI-23c Affidavit

MI-23d Affidavit

MI-24 Affidavit

MI-25 Affidavit

MI-26 Affidavit

MI-27 Affidavit

MI-28 Affidavit

MI-29 Affidavit

MI-30 Affidavit

MI-30a Affidavit

MI-30b Affidavit

MI-30c Affidavit

MI-30d Affidavit

MI-30e Affidavit

MI-31 Affidavit

MI-32 Affidavit

MI-32a Affidavit

MI-32b Affidavit

MI-32c Affidavit

MI-32d Affidavit

MI-33 Affidavit

MI-34 Affidavit

MI-35 Affidavit

MI-36 Affidavit

MI-37 Affidavit

MI-38 Affidavit

MI-39 Affidavit

MI-40 Affidavit

MI-41 Affidavit

MI-42 Affidavit

MI-42a Affidavit

MI-43 Affidavit

MI-44 Affidavit

MI-45 Affidavit

MI-46 Affidavit

MI-47 Affidavit

MI-48 Affidavit

MI-49 Affidavit

MI-50 Affidavit

MI-51 Affidavit

Witness Statements

Witness statements are simply that. The following statements have been provided by witnesses but are not notarized legal documents. The intent of this listing is to provide links to information that could potentially be used to gain notarized attestations.






W-6 W-7 W-8 W-9 W-10 W-11 W-12 W-13 W-14 W-15 W-16 W-17 W-18 W-19 W-20 W-21 W-22 W-23 W-24 W-25 W-26 W-27 W-28 W-29 W-30 W-31 W-32 W-33 W-34 W-35 W-36 W-37 W-38 W-39 W-40 W-41 W-42 W-43 W-44

W-44a W-45 W-46 W-47 W-48 W-49 W-50 W-51 W-52 W-53 W-54 W-55 W-56 W-57 W-58 W-59 W-60 W-61

W-62 MI Senate Oversight Committee Testimony

W-63 MI House Oversight Committee Testimony

Additional Evidence

Miscellaneous evidence related to Election Fraud not generally specific to any individual.

E-1 Antrim Michigan Forensics Report [redacted]

E-2 Republicans Who Applied to be Detroit Poll Workers

E-3 Actual Detroit Poll Worker Party Affiliations

E-4 Voting Age Population Analysis

E-5 MI Secretary of State Deletes 177,000 Ineligible Voters AFTER the Election

E-6 Detroit AV Counting Board Observed Network Topology

E-7 Active Wi-Fi Networks on 11/3-4/20 at Detroit AV Counting Board

E-8 AG Nessel Threatens Patrick Colbeck with Charges for Citing Examples of Election Fraud

E-9 AG Nessel Threatens Attorney Matt DePerno with Sanctions

E-10 Detroit Poll Inspector

E-11 Screen Shots of Fox News Results

E-12 Ballot Number Doesn’t Match

E-13 Ballot Number Doesn’t Match

E-14 TCF Center Picture

E-15 TCF Center Picture

E-16 TCH Center Picture

E-17 TCF Center Picture

E-18 CISA Mail-In Voting Infrastructure Risk Assessment

E-19 Video TCF 11-4 Claims Whitmer Called HHS to Remove Republicans

E-20 Video of Election Canvass

E-21 Facebook Post about Dept of Elections

E-22 Screenshot from Fox 2 showing ballot discrepancies

E-23 Video of Ballots Being Filled Out

E-24.1 Screen Recording of 1900 Birth Year Citizen Added to Registered Voter List

E-24.2 Removal of 1900 Birth Year Citizen After Election

E-25.1 Screen Recording of Registered Voter with 1900 Birth Year

E-25.2 Twitter Screenshot

E-25.3 Twitter Screenshot

E-25.4 Twitter Screenshot Showing 1984 Death Record for Voter

E-25.5 Twitter Screenshot

E-25.6 Twitter Screenshot

E-25.7 Twitter Screenshot

E-26 Voicemail confirming poll worker training

E-27 TCF Photo

E-28 TCF Photo

E-29 TCF Video

E-30 TCF Video

E-31 TCF Video

E-32 TCF Photo

E-33 Police Block Ramp Access at TCF

E-34 Photo of TCF Parking Deck

E-35 Photo of TCF Parking Ramp Elevators

E-36 Photo of TCF Parking Deck

E-37 Photo of TCF Parking Deck

E-38 Photo of TCF Parking Deck

E-39 Audio of Bobby Hesley from Black Voices for Trump outside TCF

E-40 TCF Audio of People Locked Out of TCF

E-41 TCF Audio of People Locked Out of TCF

E-42 TCF Audio of People Locked Out of TCF

E-43 TCF Audio of Democrat Harassing Republicans

E-44 TCF Parking Deck Security Manager Audio

E-45 TCF Parking Deck Security Manager Audio

E-46 TCF Parking Deck Attorney Audio

E-47 TCF Parking Deck Manager Video

E-48 TCF Parking Deck Lockout Video

E-49 Challenger Rights

E-50.1 Tally Summary Tape 1

E-50.2 Tally Summary Tape 2

E-50.3 Tally Summary Tape 3

E-50.4 Tally Summary Tape 4

E-50.5 Tally Summary Tape 5

E-50.6 Tally Summary Tape 6

E-50.7 Tally Summary Tape 7

E-50.8 Tally Summary Tape 8

E-50.9 Tally Summary Tape 9

E-50.10 Tally Summary Tape 10

E-51 Dominion Training Video

E-52 Dominion CEO Testimony Before MI Senate Under Oath

E-53 Discrepancy Between Dominion CEO Testimony and Antrim County Voting System Configuration

E-54 Antrim County Clerk Admits to Election Record Tampering

E-55 Michigan Report by DataScience

E-56 The Immaculate Deception by Peter Navarro

Electronic Voting System Documentation

Information related to electronic voting systems highlights key attributes of each electronic voting system.

Michigan Voting Systems by County


Democracy Suite User Guide

Dominion Support Training Notes

Michigan-Dominion Contract Documents

Dominion SOM Contract

Dominion SOM Contract Exhibit Technical Requirements

Dominion SOM Contract Exhibits 3 and 4 System Design

Dominion SOM Contract Exhibit 5 Reports

Georgia-Dominion Contract Documents

GASOS-Dominion Master Solution Purchase and Services Agreement


ES&S System Overview Operator Guide

ES&S System Overview

ES&S System Overview-Texas

EVS5200 Admin

EVS5200 Define

EVS5200 Design

EVS5200 Deliver

EVS5200 Results


Hart SOM Contract Exhibit 2 Technical Requirements


The following information required submittal of FOIA paperwork to obtain.

F-11 Contract 6003032 Pie Management

F-12 Contract 19CJ3448 Election Source

F-13 Election Record A21-02652

F-14 Payroll Winfrey Azzouz

F-15 Christopher Thomas Consulting Invoice

F-16 Daniel Baxter Time Card

In conclusion, Colbeck gave thanks "to all who sacrificed time, treasure, and often much more in support of ensuring the integrity of our elections! Anyone who still believes that there is no evidence of election fraud is either willfully ignorant or complicit with a coup."


In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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