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  • Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

BREAKING: Michigan lawsuit moves forward, ‘cracked’ Dominion election code

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

As official investigations and forensic audits ramp up in Arizona, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire, the Antrim County, MI forensic election data and federal lawsuit are set to be the smoking guns that blow up the cracking foundation of the 2020 General Election. The following text is an excerpt from The Election Wizard.

Last month, Michigan constitutional attorney Matthew DePerno released his much anticipated Michigan Elections Forensics Report.

In the report, expert witness Dr. Douglas Frank concluded that in nine Michigan counties, including counties in the Detroit metro, over 66,000 ballots were recorded that are not associated with a registered voter from the October 2020 database. Frank also asserted that voter registration was either near or exceeded the population of those counties. Dr. Frank concluded that an algorithm based on census and registration data shifted votes in Michigan.

[Yesterday], DePerno released another expert exhibit, which claims to have cracked the Dominion code. In court filings, DePerno alleges his expert, Jeff Lenberg, conducted tests that “replicate the vote tally errors” seen in Antrim county. DePerno asserts these errors run counter to the “human error” narrative.

Specifically, the court filings show DePerno’s expert conducted a test by running ballots into the tabulator at the precinct/township level. The suit alleges the “tally tape” shows Joe Biden receiving more votes than ballots that were actually cast for him. This occurred because the election system’s security protocols can be easily and quickly bypassed, the suit claims.

The suit further alleges that because a manipulated vote count can be transferred to the election management system, a “flip” in the count would never be caught by canvassers. “There will be no reason to doubt the election results because the number of votes on the printed tape will match the numbers in the poll pad,” the suit says.

The court filings further allege in Antrim County, Michigan, 9 out of 16 precincts were flipped from the indepedant candidate Jo Jorgenson to Trump, then flipped again to Biden.

Read the court latest filings here.

Click here to see a video explaining the expert’s test results.


Antrim County plaintiffs to introduce new evidence on voting systems

A new expert weighs in on the ongoing election related lawsuit in Antrim County, Michigan. One America's Jack Posobiec has that report.

Mike Lindell Says “Game Changer” Will Soon Emerge From Michigan

Mike Lindell recently joined Steve Bannon on War Room and talked about big evidence emerging in Michigan.

Lindell was quoted saying “It’s a game-changer, and it’s really going to make Newsmax look bad.”

Newsmax recently apologized to a Dominion employee for their statements regarding election fraud but according to Mike, Newsmax is going to regret ever apologizing because this evidence that’s going to come out of Michigan is about to be huge.


Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

Warmonger Liz Cheney, who has virtually no support left in the Great State of Wyoming, continues to unknowingly and foolishly say that there was no Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election when in fact, the evidence, including no Legislative approvals as demanded by the U.S. Constitution, shows the exact opposite. Had Mike Pence referred the information on six states (only need two) back to State Legislatures, and had gutless and clueless MINORITY Leader Mitch McConnell (he blew two seats in Georgia that should have never been lost) fought to expose all of the corruption that was presented at the time, with more found since, we would have had a far different Presidential result, and our Country would not be turning into a socialist nightmare!

Never give up!

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.


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