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Archbishop Vigano's Latest Explosive Interview Answers a List of Censored Topics

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano's latest interview with Planet Lockdown, was being released in 18 separate tapes on Youtube, has now been prohibited and added to YouTube's censor list.

In an effort to get this very important interview shared, a link to the FULL one hour and half interview can be watched here on Rumble or another link to the interview on Bitchute is also available at the bottom of this article.

This is an interview you don't want to miss as His Excellency answers many questions and discusses various important topics relating to the state of the Catholic Church. Censored and hot topics such as:

How Vatican II denied the Kingship of Jesus Christ.

The acceptance & modernization of the Church.

The infiltration of Freemasonic leaders and values to build a One World Order.

Explaining how "Freemasonry is the mystical body of satan."

How much Vatican II has failed in the conversion of souls.

The failing of most on the understanding of obedience.

Asking where is the resounding success of Vatican II?

The attack on priest and the Traditional Latin Mass.

Connecting the history of the French revolution & Enlightenment to the present modern goal of a one world government in an effort to suppress and destroy the One, Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church.

How Catholics can be faithful and hopeful.

And much more!

Please share this interview of Archbishop Vigano to all your family and friends!



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