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Donald Trump Keeps a Statue of St. Michael on his Desk

David Martin | The Daily Knight

On June 29, Fr. James Altman reported that he was able to personally give Barron Trump a statue of St. Michael the Archangel that was obtained from the Cave of St. Michael in Gargano, Italy. Barron assured Fr. Altman that he would give the statue to his father, Donald Trump, after which Altman heard back that Trump had received the statue and that it was on his desk.


This is something of a miracle that a highly blessed statue of St. Michael the Archangel should travel across the seas and wind up in the hands of President Donald Trump. This indeed is providential seeing that St. Michael is the patron saint of police and military personnel and that Trump is the prospective Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces. Heaven is out to protect him in the militant march ahead to reclaim America.

This speaks of Fr. Altman in that it shows how God used him to reach the president with this protection from On High.


A Brief History


The Shrine of St. Michael in Italy was started by St. Michael himself when in the year 490 the Archangel appeared several times to the Bishop of Sipontum near a cave in the mountains and instructed him to dedicate the cave to Catholic worship. St. Michael promised that the nearby town of Sipontum would be protected from pagan invaders and the promise has been kept. 

The Shrine of St. Michael was then established on Mt. Gargano near the cave and has been a place of pilgrimage for the past fifteen centuries. It is the oldest Shrine in Western Europe and has been a significant pilgrimage site for kings, queens, popes, and saints, including the late great St. Padre Pio who made several pilgrimages there.

The aura of sanctity indeed rests upon this holy Shrine so it is of no small significance that President Trump should have some connection with it.


It calls to mind the holy hermit and mystic Tom Zimmer, known as the Hermit of Loreto, who in the 1980s told his doctor Friend Claudio Curran that he had received a “premonition” from God that a certain man would lead America back to God. And that man would be none other than Donald J. Trump. 

Zimmer was so convinced that Donald Trump would become a great spiritual leader of America that he wrote his name on a brick and had it placed in the reconstruction of St. Peter’s Holy Door after the Extraordinary Jubilee that year (1983), in order that Trump might receive blessings from the many Masses said at St. Peter’s Basilica.


It was at the Shrine of *Loreto where the hermit Tom Zimmer spent his last years in prayer believing that Trump would bring about a Christian revival of America.

Catholic Connection


Zimmer’s residency in Loreto ties not only with Trump receiving the statue from the St. Michael Cave but with his having a Maronite priest, Fr. Andrew Mahana exorcise the White House before moving in after his inauguration. Fr. Mahana presented Trump with a statue of Our Lady of Fatima and a Rosary, and the president asked if he could keep both with him at the White House.


This is not to mention that at the close of the 2020 Republican National Convention, opera singer Christopher Macchio sang “Ave Maria” from the White House balcony. One commentator called it “the most Catholic moment in American history” — the “Hail Mary” prayer sung from the White House. 



*According to Church tradition and substantiated by archeological research, the House of Loreto is the house from Nazareth where the Blessed Virgin Mary was born, grew up, and where she received the Annunciation from the Archangel Gabriel. This is the house where “The Word Was Made Flesh.” (John 1:14) According to pious tradition, a band of angels carried Mary’s home to Loreto to be protected after Muslims had invaded Jerusalem in 1291.






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Paulo Elliot
Paulo Elliot
Jul 04

The points made about Trump's preordained role are believable when we consider how he keeps going against all odds -- as if a supernatural force is moving him on.

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