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Will America ”Lose a Great Statesman?”

David Martin | The Daily Knight

When Joe Biden took the Oval Office the death knell for America was sounded. The socialist deep-state roared with gratification that their executive puppet had set in motion the plan for America’s demise by increasing abortion and opening our borders to hostile revolutionaries from the south. 


From the day Biden took office the Democrats haven’t ceased to praise their puppet for the way he has lent himself to their plan. On the geopolitical stage Biden has represented the enemy cause of bringing down America and subduing it under a communistic one-world government, but when Donald Trump smeared Biden at the June 27 presidential debate the enemy cause got smeared in the process. For the world beheld just how idiotic and lame socialism’s hopeful behaved.


This was a huge embarrassment not only for Democrats at home but for Communists in Russia, China, Cuba and other countries where the debate was watched very closely. Suddenly the knees were knocking with ensuing confusion and consternation in the socialist camp, but this has only enhanced the seething hatred for Trump as left-wing radicals run about trying to figure out what they’re going to do with Trump and how they are going to install their agent in office. For they’ve waited too long to sink the Stars and Stripes and they’ll resort to anything at this point to make sure their plan sails.

Prophecy is Conditional

Prophecy has it that America “will lose a great statesman,” but God is on America’s side if America arms itself with prayer and remembers that all prophecy is conditional to man’s response.   


Consider now the Blessed Virgin’s prophecy at Bayside given through the seer Veronica of the Cross on November 22, 1975, which was the 12th anniversary of JFK's assassination.

Veronica — "On the left side of the sky there is appearing a crescent, the sign of the crescent moon… Our Lady now is coming forward. She's dressed in a white gown, but She has about Her head a very dark covering. It's almost black. Our Lady says there will be an assassination of a very prominent figure."

Our Lady broke in and said: 


"This assassination will set your country in great jeopardy, My child"


If you'll recall, it was in February 2017 that satanists across America came out of the woodwork to announce their plan to cast a mass spell hex on President Trump every night of a “waning crescent moon.” Their objective was to kill Trump. This is the same group that has generated all the media-attacks against him through the years.


Hence it appears that Donald Trump could be the "prominent figure" mentioned in the Bayside prophecy. The fact that it was given on the 12th anniversary of JFK's assassination seems to indicate it was in refence to a future president.


This seemingly coincides with the Bayside message of October 1, 1983, which said:                           


“A statesman will be removed from among you. And then what will happen?”

The implication is that the removal of this statesman would set our country “in great jeopardy.”


We indeed are passing through a very volatile period of American history when it doesn’t take much to set off the mobs. Trump politically has been a stabilizing figure for America and a sudden ‘removal’ of POTUS 45 could trigger widespread social disorder and empower the deep-state ‘authority’ to impose U.N. martial law. Prophecy has it that riots will become commonplace “when the enemies of God bring about your complete fall." 


We already saw round-1 of race riots and nationwide vandalism following the orchestrated killing of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, but round-2 could be much worse. 


Heaven’s Peace Plan


The positive side to this is that we have the power of prayer to avert this trial to America if we simply employ it. There is the constructive side to prophecy in that they’re often given to prompt man to penance and thus avert their fulfillment as happened in the time of Jonah when the announced destruction of Nineve was averted by the penance of the people (Jonah 3:4-10).


Trump is the last political bulwark to block the globalist plan to subdue America so let us pray for his safety because an executive mishap at this point could be a fatal blow to our nation. Let us pray that God will bless and guide Donald Trump in steering our country onto the path of peace.  




Judith Keating
Judith Keating
Jul 12

I’m sorry but you’re quoting from a purported apparition that was condemned by the church . The visionary prophecies were deemed false and contrary to Catholic teachings by Bishop Francis Mugavero Bishop of Brooklyn N.Y.


Jul 04

This is a very goofy article. E.g., Saint George died of a non-orchestrated drug overdose.

Paulo Elliot
Paulo Elliot
Jul 05
Replying to

No saint, for sure. The deep state arranged the incident to frame American police and instigate revolution. Political rubbish.


Paulo Elliot
Paulo Elliot
Jul 04

It almost seems that prayer with sackcloth and ashes are the only things that can avert this trial. Let us pray that we don't get the president we deserve.

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