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Veritas et Vigano: anathematize Vatican II and its heretical spirit

Former Papal Nuncio to the United States, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano (America Magazine)

“We will have to give an account to God….” Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

As we come to a close of this month of the Sacred Heart, despite the chaos and evils that are plaguing souls around the world, a glory of the Sacred Heart has been bestowed as a long-for Truth has been declared by a brave Shepherd of souls!

On the feast of St. Ephrem, June 9th, the same week that President Trump acknowledged and promoted Archbishop Vigano’s letter to him, His Excellency wrote another bombshell letter that same week to declared the Truth and condemned Vatican II.

He is calling for Vatican II to be done away with. The truth can no longer be denied. It has been long enough. To many souls have been confused and lost. Above all God has been mocked for too long. It is time to root out the evil! It is time to restore all things in Christ!

The reality, Vigano relates is that,

“from Vatican II onwards a parallel church was built, superimposed over and diametrically opposed to the truth Church of Christ. This parallel church progressively obscured the Divine institution founded by Our Lord in order to replace it with a spurious entity, corresponding to the desired universal religion that was first theorized by Masonry.”

His Excellency’s is correct that Vatican II today, “shows itself for what it really is in its subversive and rebellious nature.”

For years, after the Council of Vatican II aftermath, many claimed it was all a matter of misinterpretation, and claimed that the there was a difference between the council and the “spirit of the council.” However, in Vigano’s June 9th letter he states:

“This “spirit of the Council” is the license of legitimacy that the innovators use to oppose their critics, without realizing that it is precisely confessing that legacy that confirms not only the erroneousness of the present declarations but also the heretical matrix that supposedly justifies them. On closer inspection, never in the history of the Church has a Council presented itself as such a historic event that it was different from any other council: there was never talk of a “spirit of the Council of Nicea” or the “spirit of the Council of Ferrara-Florence,” even less the “spirit of the Council of Trent,” just as we never had a “post-conciliar” era after Lateran IV or Vatican I.”

This “Spirit of Vatican II” cannot be separate from its body, the council. It is one and the same. And in order for all the errors and lies to be removed from the Holy Catholic Church, the whole of Vatican II, the spirit and the body, must be killed for the sake of innocent souls! Vigano makes the point further that the Church has never taught a “half-truth” and that now more than ever the entire truth needs to come out and proclaimed in all its beauty and goodness!

These slimy errors are what have sought to destroyed the Sacred Truths of Christ. The documents of Vatican II are at fault and do not clearly defend the Truth, but rather have allowed so much corruption of that pristine Truth. Vigano said,

“If the pachamama could be adored in a church, we owe it to Dignitatis Humanae. If we have a liturgy that is Protestantized and at times even paganized, we owe it to the revolutionary action of Msgr. Annibale Bugnini [architect of the Novus Ordo mass] and to the post-conciliar reforms. If the Abu Dhabi Declaration was signed, we owe it to Nostra Aetate. If we have come to the point of delegating decisions to the Bishops’ Conferences – even in grave violation of the Concordat, as happened in Italy – we owe it to collegiality, and to its updated version, synodality.”

And Vigano declares further that,

“What the world wants, at the instigation of Masonry and its infernal tentacles, is to create a universal religion that is humanitarian and ecumenical, from which the jealous God whom we adore is banished. And if this is what the world wants, any step in the same direction by the Church is an unfortunate choice which will turn against those who believe that they can jeer at God. The hopes of the Tower of Babel cannot be brought back to life by a globalist plan that has as its goal the cancellation of the Catholic Church, in order to replace it with a confederation of idolaters and heretics united by environmentalism and universal brotherhood.”

There is no more doubt today what Vatican II has been about this whole time. Enough is enough! No more! The “infernal tentacles” of Freemasonry need to be chopped off! Vigano has made the decisive choice for the future of the Church and for the eternal salvation of souls, that “the error into which practically all of us have fallen, almost always without evil intentions, and wanting to continue to look the other way or justify ourselves,” must be corrected. For he states,

“the image of an infernal divinity was able to enter into Saint Peter’s, this is part of a cresecendo which the other side foresaw from the beginning. Numerous practicing Catholics, and perhaps also a majority of Catholic clergy, are today convinced that the Catholic Faith is no longer necessary for eternal salvation; they believe that the One and Triune God revealed to our fathers is the same as the god of Mohammed…….The Council was used to legitimize the most aberrant doctrinal deviations, the most daring liturgical innovations, and the most unscrupulous abuses, all while Authority remained silent. This Council was so exalted that it was presented as the only legitimate reference for Catholics, clergy, and bishops, obscuring and connoting with a sense of contempt the doctrine that the Church had always authoritatively taught, and prohibiting the perennial liturgy that for millennia had nourished the faith of an uninterrupted line of faithful, martyrs, and saints.”

In an interview with Phil Lawler Vigano asks a great question that, “if the Council was truly in line with the uninterrupted infallible Magisterium of the Church, why is it the only Council that poses grave and serious problems of interpretation, demonstrating its ontological heterogeneity with respect to other Councils?” And near the end of the interview he states,

The Church is a divine institution, and everything in her ought to start with God and return to Him….If out of pride or unfortunate obstinacy we do not know how to recognize the error and deception into which we have fallen, we will have to give an account to God, who is as merciful with his people when they repent as he is implacable in justice when they follow Lucifer in his non serviam. [emphasis mine]

It is thus, for the Love of God and the true love of souls that the Truth must be once again be declared by condemning the errors and lies that have arisen from the erroneous documents of Vatican II and the entire whole of the council. Yes, for the “roots of these deviations are found in the principles laid down by the Council.”

Love and Truth go hand in hand, for how can we claim to Love God but ignore His Truths, or to love our neighbor but direct him to disobey God’s saving Truths? His Excellency perfectly says:

“The love of God knows no measure and does not tolerate compromises, otherwise it simply is not Charity, without which it is not possible to remain in Him: qui manet in caritate, in Deo manet, et Deus in eo [whoever remains in love remains in God and God in him] (1 Jn 4:16).”

In a June 14th Letter to Dr. Guarini, Vigano agrees that Vatican II is a “conciliabolo [devilish council] and makes this statement by Professor Pasqualucci’s statement his own:

“After having clearly highlighted the procedural subterfuges and the errors against the Faith scattered throughout the documents, a Pope could very well finally quash the entire Council, ‘thereby confirming his brethren in the Faith.’ This would fall perfectly within his summa potestas iurisdictionis over the entire Church, iure divino. The Council is not superior to the Pope. If the Council has deviated from the Faith, the Pope has the power to invalidate it. Indeed, it is his duty.”

The Faithful do not have a duty to obey Vatican II as the council itself was a “pastoral council” declaring that is did not want to propose any new doctrine. It is the only council in the history of the Church to throw out its authority and infallibility. His Excellency Vigano in an interview with Phil Lawler regarding his June 9th letter said:

“Let us recall that Catholics do not worship a Council, neither Vatican II nor Trent, but rather the Most Holy Trinity, the One True God; they do not venerate a conciliar declaration or a post-synodal exhortation, but rather the Truth that these acts of the Magisterium convey.”

And again, on June 14th, on the Sunday within the octave of Corpus Christi, Vigano demands:

“There is an urgent need to restore the Bride of Christ to her two-thousand-year Tradition and to recover the treasures that have been plundered and scattered, thus permitting the disoriented flock to be fully nourished by them.”

Phil Lawler asks Archbishop Vigano what then is the solution and his answer is worth quoting in whole and taking special note of: [emphasis mine]

The solution, in my opinion, lies above all in an act of humility that all of us, beginning with the Hierarchy and the Pope, must carry out: recognizing the infiltration of the enemy into the heart of the Church, the systematic occupation of key posts in the Roman Curia, seminaries, and ecclesiastical schools, the conspiracy of a group of rebels—including, in the front line, the deviated Society of Jesus—which has succeeded in giving the appearance of legitimacy and legality to a subversive and revolutionary act. We should also recognize the inadequacy of the response of the good, the naivety of many, the fearfulness of others, and the interests of those who have benefited thanks to that conspiracy. After his triple denial of Christ in the courtyard of the high priest, Peter “flevit amare,” he wept bitterly. Tradition tells us that the Prince of the Apostles had two furrows on his cheeks for the rest of his days, as a result of the tears which he copiously shed, repenting of his betrayal. It will be for one of his Successors, the Vicar of Christ, in the fullness of his apostolic power, to rejoin the thread of Tradition there where it was cut off. This will not be a defeat but an act of truth, humility, and courage. The authority and infallibility of the Successor of the Prince of the Apostles will emerge intact and reconfirmed. In fact, they were not deliberately called into question at Vatican II, but ironically they would be on a future day in which a Pontiff would correct the errors that that Council permitted, playing jests with the equivocation of an authority it officially denied having but that the faithful were surreptitiously allowed to understand that it did have by the entire Hierarchy, beginning right with the Popes of the Council.

I wish to recall that for some people what is expressed above may sound excessive, because it would seem to call into question the authority of the Church and of the Roman Pontiffs. And yet, no scruple impeded the violation of Saint Pius V’s Bull Quo primum tempore, abolishing the entire Roman Liturgy from one day to the next, the venerable millenary treasure of the doctrine and spirituality of the traditional Mass, the immense patrimony of Gregorian chant and sacred music, the beauty of the rites and sacred vestments, disfiguring architectural harmony even in the most distinguished basilicas, removing balustrades, monumental altars, and tabernacles: everything was sacrificed on the conciliar renewal’s altar of coram populo, with the aggravating circumstance of having done it only because that Liturgy was admirably Catholic and irreconcilable with the spirit of Vatican II.

The Church is a divine institution, and everything in her ought to start with God and return to Him. What is at stake is not the prestige of a ruling class, nor the image of a company or a party: what we are dealing with here is the glory of the Majesty of God, of not nullifying the Passion of Our Lord on the Cross, of the sufferings of His Most Holy Mother, of the blood of the Martyrs, of the testimony of the Saints, of the eternal salvation of souls. If out of pride or unfortunate obstinacy we do not know how to recognize the error and deception into which we have fallen, we will have to give an account to God, who is as merciful with his people when they repent as he is implacable in justice when they follow Lucifer in his non serviam.

Thank God for His Excellency! And many God bless His Excellency Carlo Maria Viganò abundantly!!! The Truth has been declared by Vigano! Veritas et Vigano!

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