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  • Alexandra Clark | The Daily Knight

10 Important Questions to ask yourself during this time of crisis

(The Bridge)

  1. What is it that I believe in? That is, Do I believe in God? In His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church? Do I believe in the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and life everlasting? Do I believe in Christ present in the Holy Eucharist? Do I believe in the power of the Christ and His Divine Grace in the Sacraments? Do I believe in all Christ’s teachings and follow all His Commandments?

  2. What is it that I hold most dear and important? That is, what do I hold dear in my heart? What is it that I speak of and think of? Do I care about anything? Do I think of anything as important?

  3. Would I be willing to die for it? That is, would I die for what I hold dear? Would I die for what I believe in? Would I die fighting for it? Would I die for the Truth? Would I die for the love of it?

  4. What am I living for? That is, what am I spending my life for? Is it for myself? Others? God? Is my short time on earth going to be spent well? Am I living to be a saint? Am I living for the Love of God and neighbor?

  5. What are my goals? That is, do I have my will set to do anything good in this life? Have I chosen to do something with the life God has granted me? What is it that I am aiming at? What is it that I should aim at?

  6. Where does my treasure lie? That is, does my treasure lie in my possessions, in my work, in my family, in my heart? In God?

  7. Whom or what do I love most? That is, whom do I love most in this life? Love is an act of the heart and will and have I used my will to love? Do I love God most of all, and if yes, how do I prove that love? Do I love my wife, mother, father, sister, brother, husband, children, etc. and how have I proved my love to them?

  8. What do I care about? That is, do I care about the salvation and sanctification of souls? Do I care about my family? My friends? My country?

  9. What am I doing to live up to my goals and creed of belief? That is, am I not following through on what I believe. Am I just talking not walking? Am I working towards my goal with actions and not just words or empty thoughts?

  10. Am I in the state of Grace and ready to die? This is the final end of every life: death, judgment, Heaven or Hell. Is my soul prepared? Have I lived a good and holy life? Have I worked out my salvation in fear and trembling? Have I followed all of God’s Holy Commandments with all my heart? Have I made reparation and done penance for my sins to show my sincere repentance and conversion?

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