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  • Alexandra Clark | The Daily Knight

A Time For Mass Conversion

Today, it is a very sad fact that most Catholics no longer believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and Mass attendance is at an all time low. Pew Research reported back in August 2019 that only 26% of US Catholics under the age of 40 believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist!

Unfortunately, even those that do go to Mass, because of poor catechesis, do not know what the Holy Mass really is and does. Another study poll in 2017 showed that 54% "No longer feel that being a committed Catholic requires going to Mass every week."

The Cure de Ars said: "If we truly understood the Mass we would die of joy!"

What has happened and how did we lose the understanding and deep devotion to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

There is a change in the wind, as it has been reported that "Traditional Catholic parishes grow even as US Catholicism declines."

Now is a time for Mass conversions! What do we mean by a time for Mass Conversions? The first meaning is of a literal sense. All faithful Catholics should have a desire and zeal for the salvation of souls and want MASSive amounts of conversions to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

During our current crisis within the Church, it is not a time of despair and giving up, but a time to turn back with even more love and devotion to that which has saved and sanctified Catholics. And thus, in a second way, it can also be understood as “Mass Conversions” that is, a turning back to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass ~ Christ's one perfect redemptive Sacrifice on the Cross. The Mass which is the heart of the Faith ! We need to turn back to it in order to produce saints.

For one aspect of this project of Mass Conversions, I will be working on gathering statements or video interviews with various groups within traditional communities, asking these 4 questions:

1) How would you encourage the right welcoming spirit to those that are now coming in and turning to the Holy Tridentine Mass?

2) What are some real concrete ways in which real Catholic communities can become more welcoming?

3) Why would you encourage someone to go to the Latin Mass?

4) Why is the Latin Mass drawing souls?

In summary, the faithful are starved for grace and are fed up with all the spiritual abuse....and more now than ever we are seeing new souls come to the Latin Mass. Mass conversions is happening! And in this is the greatest hope for the salvation and sanctification of all souls!

Stay tuned to these series on Mass Conversions in which will walk through with the Saints, Doctors, the Sacred Teachings and Doctrines of the Holy Mother Church, looking at how they LEARNED the Holy Mass, why they LOVED the Holy Mass, and how they LIVED the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass!

These series on the wonders of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will ultimately draw us to the Truth and mystery of the Holy Mass. Turning back (conversion) to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the salvation to the current crisis of today! Let us start the MASS conversions!!!

(This project is dedicated to the Immaculata for the revival of the Love of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass)

Ora et labora per Mariam et Joseph semper,

Alexandra Clark

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