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St. Didacus, C - November 13th

"Almighty everlasting God, Who by Thy wonderful providence dost choose the weak things of the world to confound the strong: be pleased to grant to us, Thy humble servants, that through the kindly prayers of blessed Didacus, Thy Confessor, we may deserve to be raised to eternal glory in heavan. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962

“St. Didacus was a Spaniard from the town of San Nicolas del Puerto in the diocese of Seville. From his early youth he served his apprenticeship in the life of holiness under the guidance of a good priest. Then, in order to unite himself more closely with God, he was professed as lay brother in the convent of Arizafa under the rule of St. Francis of Assisi. There he submitted eagerly to the yoke of humble obedience and regular observance, devoting himself primarily to contemplation. And God’s life was so wonderfully poured on him that, although he was unlettered, he used to speak of heavenly things in remarkable way which was clearly due to divine inspiration. At a mission in the Canary Islands he endured many hardships, burning with the desire for martyrdom, and brought many unbelievers by his words and example to faith in Christ. He was sent to care for the sick at the convent of Ara Coeli at Rome, and carried out this work in a wonderful spirit of charity, the grace of healing shining out from him. Finally at Alcala he departed this life, in most holy way in the year 1463. Famous for miracles, he was numbered among Saints by Sixtus V.” - 1960 Latin Breviary

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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