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One Proposed Solution to Clerical Sex Abuse

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Fr. Edwin Palka on the culture of secrecy and blackmail among gay bishops

Finally, I am done — at least for now.

I am tired of writing about active homosexual and homosexual activist (AH/HA — aha! Now you get it!) priests and bishops. I thought it was important for people to have their eyes opened to this sick reality but exposing this "hidden in plain sight" evil is not the goal — eradicating it is. The current state of the Church can be depressing, even capable of bringing about spiritual despair, but it need not be. There is always hope — a well-founded hope, in fact. The light of Christ will conquer the darkness. The Immaculate Heart will triumph — we know that.

But what can we do? First and foremost, we must pray and fast. "Oh, no, Father, not that old line!" Yes, we are battling demonic Antichrists when facing men delighting in homosexual desires and actions and all that emanates from them. Some kinds of demons can only be cast out by prayer and fasting, according to Our Lord's explanation in Mt. 17:21 in every Bible except our bishops' own New American Bible.


"The light of Christ will conquer the darkness."


Interestingly, in the next verse, He once again tells His Apostles that He will be betrayed (by Bishop Judas Iscariot). If you have any doubts as to the demonic activity of the AH/HAs, for the love of God read Richard Sipe's (rest in peace) works and the Pennsylvania grand jury report — read them. They do not detail "icky" stuff; they detail demonic activity. Only once you know the enemy will you see the necessity of fortifying yourself with prayer and fasting. Then you can put your faith into action.

But understand this: There is not a single thing — or even a dozen things — we can do which will solve this problem. We must, must, must have divine intervention. After all, if every guilty bishop and priest is not removed and charged, those remaining will simply keep doing business as usual. Moreover, even if every AH/HA bishop were removed today, the bishop of Rome (not unlike his predecessors who named them in the first place) would simply replace them with clones. He has, after all, openly surrounded himself with, praised and promoted those who are openly championing and living the AH/HA life. Mull that over and then pray and fast some more.

That said, faith without works is dead. Many good actions have been proposed by others already. I will propose one I have not yet seen put forth: help renew manhood — true fatherhood— among the "good" clergy.

Here's why and how. People from my parish shared my bulletin article, "Why Don't the Priests Blow the Whistle?" with others near and far. Clergy abuse victims, "neutered" priest whistleblowers and others soon inundated me with calls, texts, messages and emails as my article struck a chord and spread via big-name websites.

I read and heard stories of ungodly horror and degrading actions and reactions. They ripped my heart out. They challenged me. Oddly enough, they also strengthened me. I spent hours a day getting an earful and responding and reaching out to those contacting me. Somehow I fit it in my schedule and even found more time than normal to pray. How could I not? They needed it. I needed it.

I think my fellow priests and the bishops need to hear and read such stories as well, and hear them directly, not just from blogs and Catholic news sites, for I am convinced that few are actually reading the morbid details exposed there. So following and in union with the prayer and fasting, I am proposing and praying that all victims of clergy abuse, all who witnessed or intimately know of such abuse, all who have been raked over the coals trying to expose such abuse, including priests, seminarians, and ex's of both groups, send their stories, certified mail for proof of receipt, to their parish priests and bishops, the papal nuncio and the bishop of Rome.

I know full well that this is extremely difficult, but including your name with contact information will make a huge difference in how it will be received. The bad clergy won't care, though they might brazenly lie about how concerned they are. The good ones may have their fatherhood restored and revitalized as they grieve for and with their hurting children. You may not be able to tell the difference.


"We are battling demonic Antichrists when facing men delighting in homosexual desires and actions and all that emanates from them."


No matter — it will touch those who still have a mustard seed of faith. How can it not? No real father will do nothing when his son has been molested. No real father will settle for more guidelines on proper and improper behavior. No real father will remain silent, ignore the victim, excuse the perpetrator, blame clerical celibacy or "rigidity" or the male-only priesthood or dodge the truth that our current major scandals (though there are others) are the direct and inevitable result of ordaining and retaining AH/HAs. A real Father will address the real problem head-on. He will kick butt, not kiss it.

It is also danged sure time for you, whether you have children or not, to change parishes and schools if your priest is AH/HA, heretical or a "don't make waves"-er. Now is not the time to whimper, "But I don't have proof," for that may only come 20 or 50 years from now. Homeschool, drive hours on Sunday if need be to attend Mass — quit making excuses. Faithless priests will molest and/or cover for others. If you read the reports mentioned above, you know it's the truth. These "men" have sold their souls to the devil — run.

Original article at Church Militant, here.

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