St. Catherine of Siena, V - April 30th

St. Catherine of Siena (Image Journal) "Grant, we beseech Thee, almighty God, that we who commemorate the heavenly birthday of blessed Catherine, Thy Virgin, may rejoice in her yearly festival and profit by her example of great virtue. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 Dominican Tertiary, born at Siena, 25 March, 1347; died at Rome, 29 April, 1380. She was the youngest but one of a very large family. Her father, Giacomo di Benincasa, was a dyer; her mother, Lapa, the daughter of a local poet. They belonged to the lower middle-class faction of tradesmen and petty notaries, known as "the Party of the Twelve", which between one revolution and another ruled the Republic of S

St. Peter of Verona, M - April 29th

St. Peter of Verona and Madonna and Child (Wikipedia) "Almighty God, grant, we beseech Thee, that we may keep with all devotedness the faith of blessed Peter Thy Martyr, who for the spreading of that faith merited the palm of martyrdom. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 Born at Verona, 1206; died near Milan, 6 April, 1252. His parents were adherents of the Manichæan heresy, which still survived in northern Italy in the thirteenth century. Sent to a Catholic school, and later to the University of Bologna, he there met St. Dominic, and entered the Order of the Friars Preachers. Such were his virtues, severity of life and doctrine, talent for preaching, and zeal for the Fai

St. Paul of the Cross, C - April 28th

St. Paul of the Cross (Flickr) "O Lord Jesus Christ, Who, for preaching the mystery of the cross didst endow holy Paul with rare charity, and wast pleased that through him a new family should flourish in Thy Church: grant through his intercession for us, that we may ever bear in mind on earth the memory of Thy Passion and be accounted worthy to obtain its fruit in heaven: Who livest and reignest." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 Paul Francis Daneii, born at Ovada, Genoa, Italy, 3 January, 1694; died in Rome, 18 October, 1775. His parents, Luke Danei and Anna Maria Massari, were exemplary Catholics. From his earliest years the crucifix was his book, and the Crucified his model. Paul recei

President Trump halts US funds to the corrupt WHO

Deo Gratias! President Trump halts US funds to WHO (World Health Organization). Some are upset that President Trump did this during a global pandemic. However, this is critical in the big picture of stopping the One World Government and its evil agenda. There are report that the U.S. in 2019, contributed a little over $550 million to the WHO’s $6 billion budget. Thus, cutting off funds to the group will be a major blow to the organization. There are other reports that Bill Gates, who is a eugenicist, used WHO to conducts vaccine trials which have lead to many deaths as well as sterilizations of women. On Twitter Bill Gates cried out against Trump's defunding: "Halting funding for the Wor

St. Peter Canisius, CD - April 27th

St. Peter Canisius (My Catholic Life) "O God, Who didst strengthen blessed Peter, Thy Confessor, by virtue and wisdom to defend the Catholic Faith: mercifully grant, that through his example and teaching the erring may return to the way of salvation and the faithful persevere in professing the truth. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal,1962 Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics StartFragment (Kannees, Kanys, probably also De Hondt). Born at Nimwegen in the Netherlands, 8 May, 1521; died in Fribourg, 21 November, 1597. His father was the wealthy burgomaster, Jacob Canisius; his mother, Ægidia van Houweningen, died shortly after Peter's birth. In 1536 Peter was sent to Colo

Abuse of Power, Priests Must Disobey for the Sake of Souls - Bishop Schneider

Bishop Athanasius Schneider (LIfeSite) +JMJ+ Another good Bishop comes out and encourages the Faithful and urges priests to reopen the Churches because souls are at stake. This Bishop is His Excellency, Athanasius Schneider. He describes how priests should act for the salvation of souls. He urges priests to imitate the Good Shepherd Who laid down His life for souls and even urges priests to disobey the orders from bishops who are acing like bureaucrats instead of shepherds, urging priests by saying, "he has not to obey the directives of his bishop or the government to suspend Mass for the faithful. Such directives are a pure human law; however, the supreme law in the Church is the salvation

Pope Sts. Cletus and Marcellinus, M - April 26th

Pope Sts. Cletus and Marcellinus (Regina Mag) "Look forgivingly on Thy flock, Eternal Shepherd, and keep it in Thy constant protection, by the intercession of blessed Cletus and Marcellinus, Thy Martyrs and Sovereign Pontiffs, whom Thou didst constitute Shepherds of the whole Church. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 Pope St. Cletus This name is only another form for Anacletus, the second successor of St. Peter. It is true that the Liberian Catalogue, a fourth-century list of popes, so called because it ends with Pope Liberius (d. 366), contains both names, as if they were different persons. But this is an error, owing evidently to the existence of two forms of the same

St. Mark the Evangelist, M - April 25th

St. Mark the Evangelist (Learn Religions) "O God, Who didist exalt blessed Mark, Thine Evangelist, by the grace of preaching the Gospel, grant we beseech Thee, that we may ever profit by his teaching and be defended by his prayers. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 StartFragment (Greek Markos, Latin Marcus). It is assumed in this article that the individual referred to in Acts as John Mark (12:12, 25; 15:37), John (xiii, 5, 13), Mark (15:39), is identical with the Mark mentioned by St. Paul (Colossians 4:10; 2 Timothy 4:11; Philemon 24) and by St. Peter (1 Peter 5:13). Their identity is not questioned by any ancient writer of note, while it is strongly suggested, on the

Commemoration of St. George, M - April 23rd

St. George slaying the Dragon (Paolo Uccello, 1397 - 1475) "O God, Who dost gladden us by the merits and intercession of blessed George, Thy Martyr, mercifully grant that we, who ask for Thy blessings through him, may obtain them by the gift of Thy grace. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 Martyr, patron of England, suffered at or near Lydda, also known as Diospolis, in Palestine, probably before the time of Constantine. According to the very careful investigation of the whole question recently instituted by Father Delehaye, the Bollandist, in the light of modern sources of information, the above statement sums up all that can safely be affirmed about St. George, despite

Pope Sts. Soter and Caius, M - April 22nd

St. Caius' Martyrdom (Regina Mag) "Look forgivingly on Thy flock, Eternal Shepherd, and keep it in Thy constant protection, by the intercession of blessed Soter and Casius, Thy Martyrs and Sovereign Pontiffs, whom Thou didst constitute Shepherd of the whole Church. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 They have their feast together on 22 April, on which day they appear in most of the martyrologies, though Notker and a few others give Soter on the 21st and Caius on the 19th or 21st. Soter was pope for eight years, c. 167 to 175 (Harnack prefers 166-174). We possess a fragment of an interesting letter addressed to him by St. Dionysius of Corinth, who writes: "From the beginni

St. Anselm, BpCD - April 21st

St. Anselm of Canterbury (Marginalia) "O God, Who didst give blessed Anselm to Thy people as a minister of eternal salvation: grant, we beseech Thee, that we, who have had him for our teacher on earth, may deserve to have him for our advocate in heaven. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 StartFragment Archbishop of Canterbury, Doctor of the Church; born at Aosta a Burgundian town on the confines of Lombardy, died 21 April, 1109. His father, Gundulf, was a Lombard who had become a citizen of Aosta, and his mother, Ermenberga, came of an old Burgundian family. Like many other saints, Anselm learnt the first lessons of piety from his mother, and at a very early age he was fi

The Jig is Up - Open the Factories! Open the Economy!

(IndustryWeekly) At best, it was a knee jerk reaction for Governors to shut down economies across the United States. We can hope that the situation was as innocent as that, but we know that liberal politicians are using the COVID-19 pandemic as a weapon against the Trump Administration. Businesses, like my manufacturing plants, are more than capable of enforcing the necessary guidelines to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Work with business leaders; don't just shut them down. Backed against a wall, after a failed impeachment attempt, the left was out of cards. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer had bet the farm on trying to impeach the President; hoping that something would come

What Great Saints of the End Times Will be Like

St. Louis de Monfort (Monfort Academy) St. Louis Marie de Montfort, in 1712 penned the great masterpiece True Devotion to Mary and in it he talked about what the great saints of the end times will look like. Just 23 years before St. Montfort wrote True Devotion the King of France had refused the request of our Lord, given to him by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, to consecrate that great nation to His Most Sacred Heart. 100 years exactly from this refusal the most intense period of persecution of Catholics was the French Revolution (1793-94). In 1842, in a small trunk locked away and forgotten for 127 years, Montfort's True Devotion manuscript was found. Let us read then what St. Montfort said

Commemoration of Pope St. Anicetus, M - April 17th

St. Anicetus, Pope & Martyr (El Paso Museum) "Look forgivingly on Thy flock, Eternal Shepherd, and keep it in Thy constant protection, by the intercession of blessed Anicetus, Thy Martyr and Sovereign Pontiff, whom Thou didst constitute Shepherd of the whole Church. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 The Roman Pontiff who succeeded Pius towards the year 157, and reigned till about 168. According to Duchesne (Origins) the confusion of dates about this period is such that more exact verification is impossible. While Anicetus was Pope, St. Polycarp, then in extreme old age, came to confer with him (160-162) about the Paschal controversy; Polycarp and others in the East celeb

Ban on public Masses and the suspension of Holy Communion - go against the law of God

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò (LifeSite News) In an Interview with the Remnant Newspaper, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò declared: “The ban on public Masses and the suspension of Holy Communion - go against the law of God, and are proof that behind it all is Satan. Only the Evil Serpent can explain these measures which will bring about the spiritual loss of so many souls. It would be like ordering doctors not to treat patients in danger of death.” Here are some other statements he said during the interview concerning the ban on the Sacraments and his woe to the Shepherds of the Flock: How do you judge the suspension of the Sacraments which we have seen in almost all the world? This is a terri

St. Justin Martyr - April 14th

EndFragment St. Justin Martyr (Catholic Answers) "O God, Who through the foolishness of the cross didst teach the blessed Martyr Justin the surpassing knowledge of Jesus Christ: enable us by his intercession to put away all deceits of error and obtain steadfastness of faith. Through the same our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 Christian apologist, born at Flavia Neapolis, about A.D. 100, converted to Christianity about A.D. 130, taught and defended the Christian religion in Asia Minor and at Rome, where he suffered martyrdom about the year 165. Two "Apologies" bearing his name and his "Dialogue with the Jew Tryphon" have come down to us. Leo XIII had a Mass and an Office composed

Helpful Prayers for Catholics without the Holy Mass

Catholic Woman Praying the Holy Rosary (Pinterest0 Here are 4 suggestions from Catholic Tradition and encouragement from the Saints: 1) Unite your desire and will to that of Christ’s in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This is done simply by an act of the will, as can be done by following simple prayers: Act of Union with the Sacrifice of the Mass when we cannot assist at it As I cannot this day enjoy the happiness of assisting at the holy Mysteries, O my God! I transport myself in spirit at the foot of Thine altar; I unite with the Church, which by the hands of the priest, offers Thee Thine adorable Son in the Holy Sacrifice; I offer myself with Him, by Him, and in His Name. I adore, I pra

St. Hermenegild, M - April 13th

St. Hermenegild (Pinterest) "O God, Who didst teach blessed Hermenegild, Thy Martyr, to choose the heavenly kingdom rather than an earthly throne: grant us, we beseech Thee, that following his example, we may despise the fleeting things of time and seek what is eternal. Through our Lord." - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 Date of birth unknown; d. 13 April, 585. Leovigild, the Arian King of the Visigoths (569-86), had two sons, Hermengild and Reccared, by his first marriage with the Catholic Princess Theodosia. Hermengild married, in 576, Ingundis, a Frankish Catholic princess, the daughter of Sigebert and Brunhilde. Led by his own inclination, and influenced by his wife as well as by the

COVID-19 Destroys Nietzche's Illusion of the Superman - Put Faith in God

Cardinal Robert Sarah (LifeSite News) Modern secular society, which worships the accomplishments of man, is being crippled by COVID-19. The thousands of cracks in society, created by freemasonry and Nietzche's concept of the Übermensch, are being made visible and continue to fracture as the world discovers that there is little preternatural faith and grace to hold it together. Politicians, businessmen, scientists, military commanders, humanitarians, media correspondents, religious clericsand other leaders often boast about the accomplishments made and the sacrifices offered on the altar of humanity for the Superman. The fact is, as the COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated, all temporal concerns

Pope St. Leo the Great - CD - April 11th

Pope St. Leo the Great (Aleteia) "Look forgiving on Thy flock, Eternal Shepherd, and keep it in Thy constant protection, by the intercession of blessed Leo, Thy Sovereign Pontiff, whom Thou didst constitute Shepherd of the whole Church. Through our Lord. - Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962 (Reigned 440-61). Place and date of birth unknown; died 10 November, 461. Leo's pontificate, next to that of St. Gregory I, is the most significant and important in Christian antiquity. At a time when the Church was experiencing the greatest obstacles to her progress in consequence of the hastening disintegration of the Western Empire, while the Orient was profoundly agitated over dogmatic controversies, t

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