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Will Rome One Day Mandate the Inclusion of Public Offenders in the Church?

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Pope Francis’ December 18 document Fiducia Supplicans allowing the clerical blessing of homosexual couples is a scandal of unprecedented proportions in that it's sending the signal throughout the world that the Church now approves homosexual relations.


This has disastrous ramifications in that it could extend to mean that Rome now approves sin in general. For to approve the sin of homosexual unions is to approve any sin. As Christ said, if we break one commandment, we break them all. Without explicitly saying it, the blessing of rape, murder, and adultery are included in Francis' latest attack on Christian morals. To say that the Church can bless LGBT couples is to say that it can bless adulterers and violent blasphemers too.  


Francis is all about Inclusion


Francis' action is all about "inclusion" where anyone of any disposition can now have the blessing of the Church. His inclusive "open border" policy to unconditionally admit anyone to the Church has been the thrust of his administration. Thus far, this inclusion has been by way of allowance, but the time may be approaching when it will be by way of mandate. We shouldn't rule out the possibility that Francis might spring on us still another document forbidding bishops and priests to exclude anyone from the Church on the basis of their views or behavior. And who is to say he won’t define this ‘inclusive’ ideology as dogma with the argument that the Church has always forbidden "unjust" exclusion? 

We shouldn’t dismiss as farfetched the prospect that Francis might one day abrogate all the Church's dogmas with the exception of the Dogma of Papal Infallibility, so that he can use the latter to empower and give credibility to his other acts to destroy the faith.


34 Masonic Guidelines to Destroy the Catholic Church

To diverge a bit, it was in 1974 that a set of 34 Masonic directives for the destruction of the Catholic Church surfaced to the shock and dismay of the Masonic community in Italy. The guidelines issued in 1962 bear a striking resemblance to the authentic whistle-blows of former Freemasons and Communists like Bella Dodd. The objective of the 34 directives was to destroy the Church with change.


The general consensus is that these directives were accidently leaked in 1974 by the Masonic P2 Lodge of Italy (founded 1877), after which lodge members under the direction of Grand Master Licio Gelli were compelled to disavow the P2.

Active in Brazil, Argentina

Outside Italy, the P2 Lodge was also active in Brazil and Argentina. Among its Argentinian members were Raúl Alberto Lastiri, who briefly served as interim president following the self-styled "Argentine Revolution" dictatorship (1966–1973), and who delivered the country's government to Juan Perón, whose work bore considerable influence on Fr. Jorge Bergoglio (later Pope Francis) during the 1970s.

What is noteworthy is that these 34 Antichrist guidelines have been in circulation since the 70s and that most of the changes proposed therein have come to pass.

For example, consider guideline no. 4:


Stop all Latin in Mass Liturgy, and devotions and songs. It lends a feeling of mystery and respect. Show it up as mumbo-jumbo of soothsayers. People will then stop thinking that Priests are of superior intelligence.


Or there is directive no. 2:


Put a stop to the practice of penance during Lent, such as eating no meat on Fridays, or fasting. Halt any acts of self-denial. Replace by acts of joy, happiness and love of neighbor. Say that Christ already won heaven for us, and that the efforts of humans are of no avail.


Consider now directive no. 33 from the 34 guidelines:


Declare all former Church Dogmas false, except the Dogma of Infallibility. State that Jesus Christ was a revolutionary that didn’t make it. Say that the true Christ will soon come.

Should this come to pass, the "pope" could “dogmatically define” the grotesque ideologies of Communism, ecology, or totem-pole worship as “infallible” Church teaching that Catholics would feel obliged to follow. The ‘true Christ to come’ in guideline 33 is the satanic counterfeit that we call the Antichrist who has been the moving force behind the sweeping changes since Vatican II.


We need to up the public Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel because he is the defender of the Church whose assignment is to expel from the Church demons and their pawns. Their inclusion in the Church is not wanted by Christ but his people must invoke St. Michael to kick his heel into play so that he can boot offenders from the Church.







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