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The Warning in Relation to Jacinta 1972

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Miraculous Photograph taken at Our Lady of the Roses Shrine

Prophecy has it that there is to come upon humanity The Warning, an explosive, worldwide occurrence of unprecedented magnitude that will shake the entire planet. The Warning will be seen and experienced everywhere by all peoples and will be universally acknowledged as having come from the All-Powerful. It will be the final warning to man before the coming of the great and final chastisement, consisting of nuclear World War III and our being planet-struck.

This and other like prophecies were delivered to the world by the Blessed Virgin during her apparitions at Bayside, New York (1970-1995) via the late seer Veronica of the Cross. While the messages ceased upon the death of the seer in August 1995, the outdoor Rosary vigils continue to this day despite the most adverse weather conditions.


One of the key features of the apparitions has been the numerous miraculous photographs taken at the vigil site over the years. Pilgrims take pictures of the Shrine using polaroid or digital cameras, but what often develops on their photos is not the image they expect but miraculous images from God – “photos miraculous.” Heaven has utilized this means to communicate to a fallen generation that will not believe until it receives a visible, tangible sign.

On September 14, 1971, a pilgrim took a Polaroid picture of the vigil statue in which Jacinta, the child-seer of Fatima, miraculously wrote from Heaven, Jacinta 1972. Our Lady said we are to search this photo for lines, figures and numbers, for within this miraculous picture lies the day, the hour, the month, and the year of the coming Warning and Chastisement to man.

There are actually five parts to the Jacinta photograph, which we will not attempt to divulge here, though Veronica did say that one part says: "A-C INTO," I-N-T-O, "MITRES 1972.”

In the above illustration, the bold letters clearly state “a-c” “i-n-t-o.” The bishop’s mitre (turn counter-clockwise to the left) is formed by the tail of the “o” and the number “2.”

Heaven is saying that 1 antichrist (“a-c”) entered into (“i-n-t-o”) many bishops and cardinals beginning in the year 1972, the very year that Pope Paul VI publicly declared, “From some fissure the smoke of Satan entered into the temple of God.” Our Lord here is highlighting the gist of the Fatima Third Secret, namely, that Satan would penetrate to the highest realms of the Vatican hierarchy and would then possess cardinals so that he could use them to misguide the Church with humanism, modernism, and change.

We might also point out that the “c” in the word “Jacinta” is the first letter of the word “cinto” seen in the photograph, which in Portuguese (the language of the seer Jacinta) means “belt.” This would signify that a major belting or scourging is coming upon humanity, especially the clergy, since the Warning will be a severe admonition from the Almighty through which many will “die of fright.”

Even so, Our Lady gave us this consolation on April 5, 1975:

“All who remain in the light of grace will have no fear. They will pass through this great Warning without suffering.”

9 + 7 = Benedict XVI

Now on February 5, 1994, Our Lady revealed to Veronica in a private locution that the Warning was scheduled to occur in 1997. However, she indicated that this prophecy was conditional and could be postponed to a later date through an outpouring of penance and prayer. She went on to provide us with a puzzle as to the timing of the Warning in the event it was pushed into the future. Veronica was instructed to add the numbers 9 and 7 on the miraculous Jacinta 1972 photo for a sum of 16 and that we were to figure out what this means. Heaven was giving us a little clue as to when the Warning would occur.

In hindsight, the puzzle seems to have appeared before our eyes. The 9 + 7 = 16 seemingly was a reference to Pope Benedict XVI (16) who was born on the 16th of April, 2 1927. But it doesn’t end there. It was 16 years following ‘97 that Benedict XVI abdicated the Papal Throne, i.e., in February 2013. And finally, it was on 12-31 of 2022 that Pope Benedict XVI died. If we add 12 and 3 +1 (12 + 4) it comes out to 16. Also, Benedict died at 9:34 am. If we add the 9 and 3 + 4 (9 and 7) it comes out to 16. This whole puzzle appears to revolve around Benedict XVI.

Possible Date?

But it doesn't end there. If we add the 9 and 7 for a sum of 16, that could be the day of the Warning. If adding the 9 and 7 gives us the day, then adding the 1 and 2 gives us 3 for the month. Dare we infer that the Warning could occur on 3-16?

Another point of interest is that April 16, 2024, will mark 97 years 3 since the day Benedict was born. This becomes all the more thought-provoking when we consider the apparent duality of an image seen in the Jacinta 1972 photograph.

In the photo, Veronica saw what she thought was the back of Pope John Paul II’s head. When the photo is turned one revolution to the right it is visible. It’s a rather large image on the upper right. Note the ears and the broad neck (right). The sample below has been extracted from the Jacinta photo to aid your viewing.

Interestingly, the back of John Pauls' head (right) also appears to be the front of Benedict’s head. (Left) The forehead is particularly noticeable. The significance of Veronica seeing the back of John Paul's head and our now seeing the front of Pope Benedict’s apparently means that the original date of the Warning was scheduled to occur in the reign of JPII (in '97) while the postponed fulfillment following the 9+7 reprieve would occur 97 years after Benedict's birth (2024). The year 2024 is even visible at the bottom of the photo when turned one revolution to the right. The 20 on the bottom right also forms a 24, with the “0” just under the ”4.”

What is also interesting is that on December 31, 1976, Our Lady said, "The Mystical Body shall be without a leader." It was 46-years later to the day, on December 31, 2022, that the Church’s leader Pope Benedict XVI died. Note too that he died in the 4 reign of POTUS 46 (Biden), the same who along with Obama and Soros colluded with the Vatican deep-state in forcing Benedict’s resignation in 2013.

Asteroid Ratzinger

Among those who have studied and read into The Warning, it is commonly held that a dwarf star or planetary body will first strike the sun and create a tremendous flash in the heavens that begins the Warning. What is interesting is that before becoming pope, Cardinal Ratzinger opened up to scholars the Archives of the Inquisition. For the first time in Church history, researchers could study original documents in the Church’s archives.

This led astronomers to honor him by giving asteroid no. 8661 the name “Ratzinger.” The asteroid is one of the mini planets that circle the sun between Mars and Jupiter. Its position lies exactly between the asteroids Sano and Daun-Eifel and its distance from the earth is 3.751 AU, which is 1460 times the distance between the earth and the moon. From this some infer that at some point Asteroid Ratzinger may providentially deviate from its course during one of its orbits and strike the sun.

Hence, gaining access to the Archives of the Inquisition led scholars to naming the asteroid “Ratzinger,” which some think could trigger the Warning. The Warning in turn is a divine inquisition into the sins of man. God “will search Jerusalem with lamps” (Sophonias 1:12) and bring to light the sins of the Church and the world.

From the Scriptures we read that the saints in Heaven “shall judge this world” (1 Cor. 6:2). Who but Pope Benedict [Ratzinger] would be more fit to vengefully reciprocate for his ouster from the Chair of Peter and the installation of his foe thereon by the Church’s enemies? 

The Revolt from God Rapidly Escalating

Benedict’s passing on the Eve of the New Year indeed was an eerie and providential sign that major tribulations were on tap for the New Year. Already we see the geopolitical crisis escalating with the increasing threats of nuclear war, women popping abortifacient ‘murder pills’ so they can continue “safely” in their shame, government normalizing pedophilia in kindergarten and elementary schools, state officials mutilating children's genitals without informing their parents, and Pope Francis' abominable document Fiducia supplicans endorsing clerical blessings of homosexual unions. This is not to mention the bishops and priests throughout Europe who are now holding LGBT prayer vigils and events in conformity with Rome’s agenda for greater “LGBT inclusion.” The recent catastrophic floods in Europe and the U.S. seem to directly coincide with the increasing sin upon earth – a glaring testament of God’s justice.

Spiritual Call to Arms

The increasing attacks on the Faith are a spiritual call to arms to come forward and fight these abominations. The world’s peoples are given the chance to right the wrong before God Himself steps in and puts an end to the present-day abominations – especially, the rampant abortions, the homosexuality, and the LGBT-transgender abuse of children. According to the message, the present madness will not continue much longer. When iniquity reaches its peak, God will suddenly wrench the enemy plan for a one-world utopia.

Consider this quote from Jesus on July 25, 1978.

"The Faith is being attacked in My House upon earth, My Church, and many of My clergy are falling into the plan with the octopus, the great world powers that seek to gather all nations into a rule of a one-world government and a one-world religion based on humanism and modernism. However, this shall not be set in motion to a conclusion with the loss of souls. This shall not be set in motion because the Eternal Father will send a Warning to mankind, a great Warning of such magnitude that very few will doubt that it comes from the Eternal Father and is not man-made.”

1. It should be understood that “antichrist” is a general term referring to Lucifer and his demons. Our Lady said that "it is not one man, as your world's theologians go about watching for one man."

2. Note that 1927 is comprised of the exact same numbers that make up the year 1972 in the miraculous Jacinta photograph.

3. Dare we infer that the Warning could maybe occur on Benedict XVI’s birthday on April 16? Or perhaps sometime in the 16th month? (We might look at April as the 16th month since it’s the fourth after the 12th month (December).

4. Meaning, the one who would be known as POTUS 46. In reality, Biden is an impostor who heisted the Oval Office via election fraud but he is acknowledged the world over as America’s 46th president.



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