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Tyrannical Quarantine Law in New York Empowers the State to Drag “Flu Suspects” into Confinement

David Martin | The Daily Knight

It is being called the biggest abuse of power this country has ever seen. New York has recently passed a law empowering state authorities to break into people's homes and place them in quarantine if they’re so much as suspected of having a cold.


Rule 2.13: "Isolation and Quarantine Procedures" gives state officials the ability to forcibly isolate or quarantine, not only those who may have contracted certain communicable diseases, but those suspected of coming in contact with the infected. No proof of illness is needed, no right to a trial is granted. State agents can now break into your home without notice and treat you as they see fit. “They can hold you for however long they want, and there is no way for you to get out of lock up or lock down,” says attorney Bobbie Cox who is fighting this rule.

If this isn't unveiled Communist tyranny what is! To think it is now a crime to be sick in America! Sen. Mark Walczyk said that New York Governor Kathy Hochul who empowered this regulation “is falling right behind [Gov.] Cuomo in a lust for power of the state over individual rights.” 

Concern for Public Health and Safety a Pretext


The state’s accusation of people having the flu is only a pretext. It is the Christian patriots they are targeting because of their Christian, pro-family beliefs. Sneezing and coughing are only an excuse to start shipping them off to “Siberia” to put them in “medical jail.” These deep state agents already know who their victims are because of Internet platforms like Facebook that were deliberately set up in the past to start collecting names and addresses of Americans whom they'd later place in solitary confinement because of their moral convictions.


We Were Warned


Naturally, this plan is being generated by infiltrated communists in our government; Kathy Hochel is just a puppet. Back in the 70s and 80s, the prophecies of Bayside warned that the greatest danger to America lay in the fact that we had already been “invaded from within." The message said, "Your country is fast becoming ruled by a communist state. Is this what you will permit?” (Jesus, Sept. 14, 1979)

This indeed has come to pass. Our health and government agencies are thoroughly infested with Communist agents that are using the law to place America in chains. They'll start with New York and without due backlash from American patriots they'll proceed to pass similar laws in other states. To gain public support they'll proclaim how these laws are ‘saving people's lives and keeping America safe.’ 

The Covid crunch was used to start warming people up to this and unfortunately a great many Americans rolled with the plan to vaccinate, mask up, stay home, and go into quarantine. Hopefully, America will know better in the next round and stand up to the state.


The People Must Speak Out!


As they say, we need to nip it at the bud. The enemy is hinging on our silence to move forward with this. Our silence and apathy are what will empower this plan against liberty. Our only hope, politically speaking, is to get out there and sound the horn about this so people everywhere will voice their opposition and maybe reverse this heinous regulation.


Sin is Drawing Down the Power of Satan


But especially, America must begin cleaning up its immoral and rebellious lifestyle that the Communists have given us because sin is what is drawing the power of the devil upon our nation. Slavery to sin leads to political slavery. Just as the Israelites fell into the hands of the Babylonians when they offended God, so America will fall into the hands of the Global elite if we continue offending God with our promiscuous and murderous lifestyle. 

Unless we rid our nation of abortion, homosexuality, and promiscuity, we will be destroyed as a nation. Our Lady at Fatima said that God would use Communist Russia as His scourge to chastise America and now we see this chastisement looming on the horizon.


Fidelity Wins the Battle


The greatest blow to the dark powers will be our resolve to cleanse America of sin and our “taking the shield of faith.” (Ephesians 6: 16) This is what will empower and give value to our efforts to block and pass counter-laws against the infamous Rule 2.13 that has reared its head for our enslavement. For God is stronger than the devil and He will vest us with strength unto victory if we simply call upon Him and say with the Psalmist, “The Lord saveth not with sword and spear: for it is his battle.” (1 Kings 17:47)





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