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Thoughts of St. Bonaventure on the Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Taken from St. John Eudes' book on the Sacred Heart of Jesus

THE SERAPHIC Doctor, St. Bonaventure, aflame with the love of Our Lord, says that the divine Heart is the gate of paradise, the joy of the elect, the beatitude of the angels, the treasure of divine knowledge and of eternal charity. The excessive love of that beloved Redeemer urged Him to open His divine side to give us His Heart and to make us dwell in its august sanctuary.

Therefore, the saint declares that he wishes to make his dwelling place in the Sacred Heart, to find there his repose and his delight. Whereupon he exclaims:

"Certainly, my Lord Jesus, even if Thou shouldst hate me, I should still have to love Thee, because Thou art my God. How much more must I do so, seeing that Thou dost love me so and dost pursue me to heap upon me Thy benefits? Thou hast such love for me that it would seem that Thou dost hate Thyself out of consideration for me. Didst Thou not consent, Thou Judge of the universe, to be judged and to suffer a most infamous and cruet death for love of me? 0 my God, what more couldst Thou have done for me? Certainly, Thou dost wish me to be surrendered unto Thee, since Thou hast given Thyself up to me. What constrained Thee to this sacrifice, 0 my God? Only Thy very great goodness and Thy immense charity, in order to enkindle us with Thy divine love. 0 sole desire of my heard 0 sweetness and serenity of my mind! 0 flame in this brazier of my breast! 0 light and brightness of my eyes! 0 my soul! 0 my life! 0 inmost recesses of my heart! 0 my joy and jubilation! Why am I not wholly transformed into love? Why is there anything in me but love? Thy love, 0 my Saviour, surrounds me on all sides, and yet I know not what love means. 0 Most Sweet Jesus, how wonderful is Thy love for men which will not suffer Thee to be separated from them! Is it not that love which, before Thou didst ascend into heaven, gave us the power to retain Thee, so long as We would, on our altars? Thou gavest us that power before going to meet death so that we might not fear losing Thee. Why didst Thou wish so to do, since Thou hadst the intent of sending us Thy Holy Spirit? Why didst Thou wish to abide always with man? Thou didst desire it to incorporate us in Thee, and to nourish us with Thy Precious Blood, so that being inebriated with Thy love we should have but one heart and one soul with Thee. 0, wondrous and inestimable power of love! It causes God to come down to earth and raises man to heaven. It unites God and man so closely that it makes God man and man God. The temporal becomes eternal, the immortal becomes mortal, and the mortal is made immortal. It causes the enemy of God to become His friend, and His slave to be adopted as His son. 0 Love, what shall I render unto Thee who hast made me all divine? I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me. 0 love, Thy virtue is indescribable, Thou who transformest slime into God! What is more powerful than Thou? What is more gentle? what more pleasing? what more noble? 0 excellent love, that changest earth into heaven and makest me to form but one with my beloved! 0 desirable love, that dost intoxicate celestial lovers with sovereign delights! 0 my soul, if the voice of thy beloved makes thee melt into love for Him, why art thou not utterly inflamed and consumed when thou dost enter by the sacred wound of His side into the burning furnace of His loving Heart?"

One can find the full pdf book on the Sacred Heart by St. John Eudes here free online:



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