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  • Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

Pope Francis on Tridentine Mass: "We Cannot Go Back to that Ritual"

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

Pope Francis (LifeSite News)

Pope Francis has released a consecutive “Apostolic Letter” to his 2021 motu proprio Traditionis Custodes severely limiting the use of the 1962 Roman Missal for the concelebration of the Tridentine Mass (Traditional Latin Mass). The apostolic letter, Desiderio Desideravi was recently published on June 29, 2022, the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul.

Reinforcing his suppression of the Tridentine Mass, Pope Francis urges “all the bishops, priests, and deacons, the formators in seminaries, the instructors in theological faculties and schools of theology, and all the catechists” to adhere to the command to not to “go back to that ritual form which the [Second Vatican] Council fathers, cum Petro et sub Petro, felt the need to reform, approving, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and following their conscience as pastors, the principles from which was born the reform.”

In the letter, the Pope expressed additional context for Traditionis Custodes' restricting the Holy Mass of the Ages, clarifying the modernist opinion that apparent “tensions … around the [traditional] celebration” have not been a “simple divergence between different tastes concerning a particular ritual form,” but rather that they are “problematic” to existence and longevity of the reformed and protestantized liturgy.

“Let us abandon our polemics to listen together to what the Spirit [of Vatican II, rather than the Holy Ghost] is saying to the Church,” Pope Francis asserted.

I do not see how it is possible to say that one recognizes the validity of the Council — though it amazes me that a Catholic might presume not to do so — and at the same time not accept the liturgical reform born out of Sacrosanctum Concilium... (Desiderio desideravi, 31)

While invoking the Spirit of Vatican II, Pope Francis acknowledges his own failure and that of the Council Fathers in their ability to secure the complete eclipse and suppression of the Sacred Liturgy; thus, admitting to a complete “hermeneutic of rupture” rather than continuity. The modernists in the Vatican and chanceries across the world cannot understand and remain "amaz[ed]...that a Catholic might presume not to" fully "recognize the validity of the Council" nor the errors that it pushed forth.

In a final attempt to preserve reformative unity, Pope Francis expressed that “for this reason I wrote Traditionis custodes, so that the Church may lift up, in the variety of so many languages, one and the same prayer capable of expressing her unity.” Ironic, as unity in Sacred Liturgy and Latin united the Mystical Body in one Sacrifice and one language after the error of the Tower of Babel, the modernists in the Church continue to force the erroneous miscalculation of fractured "unity" through a "hermeneutic of rupture" and a confused "variety of so many languages."

Blindly, the Pontiff asserts "I intend that this [fractured] unity be re-established in the whole Church of the Roman Rite."

To provide more context, Pope Francis asserted that the Tridentine Mass was a form of "prison" during his morning homily:

The Synod that we are now celebrating calls us to become a Church that gets up, one that is not turned in on itself, but capable of pressing forward, leaving behind its own prisons and setting out to meet the world, with the courage to open doors... A Church without chains and walls, in which everyone can feel welcomed and accompanied, one where listening, dialogue and participation are cultivated under the sole authority of the Holy Spirit. The Church that is free and humble, that “gets up quickly” and does not temporize or dilly-dally before the challenges of the present time. A Church that does not linger in its sacred precincts, but is driven by enthusiasm for the preaching of the Gospel and the desire to encounter and accept everyone. Let us not forget that word: everyone. Everyone! Go to crossroads and bring everyone, the blind, the deaf, the lame, the sick, the righteous and the sinner: everyone! This word of the Lord should continue to echo in our hearts and minds: in the Church there is a place for everyone. Many times, we become a Church with doors open, but only for sending people away, for condemning people. Yesterday one of you said to me “This is no time for the Church to be sending away, it is the time to welcome”. “They did not come to the banquet…” – so go to the crossroads. Bring everyone, everyone! “But they are sinners…” – Everyone! (Francis, Homily, 29 June 2022)

It is extremely troubling that modernists in the Church, including Pope Francis among others in the Vatican, share a heretical view that the Holy Mass of the Ages was some sort of "prison" that ought to be "left behind" in order to clear a path to "meet the world." What "world" is to be met by the Church? Did not all of the saints to the very apostles and secondary authors of the Holy Bible share a common message in rejecting that very same "world?" Yes; and yet, the modernists wish to tear down the "chains and walls" of Apostolic Tradition to reserve a condition where "everyone [particularly non-Catholics] can feel welcomed and accompanied" in a Church that sways to their "dialogue and participation." Such a dynamic is not Catholic, it is heresy.

Perhaps the most unsettling message for us at The Daily Knight and the Knights Republic of the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus, is that of "Desiderio Desideravi." The reference directly attacks a primary prayer, by Cardinal St. John Henry Newman, that we hold dear to our apostolate:

To The Hear of Jesus in the Eucharist

O most Sacred, most loving Heart of Jesus, Thou art concealed in the Holy Eucharist, and Thou beatest for us still. Now as then Thou sayest, Desiderio desideravi- "With desire I have desired." I worship Thee then with all my best love and awe, with my fervent affection, with my most subdued, most resolved will. O my God, when Thou dost condescend to allow me to receive Thee, to eat and drink Thee, and Thou for a while dost take up Thy abode within me, O make my heart beat with Thy Heart. Purify it of all that is earthly, all that is proud and sensual, all that is hard and cruel, of all perversity, of all disorder, of all deadness. So fill it with Thee that neither the events of the day nor the circumstances of the time may have power to ruffle it, but that in Thy love and Thy fear it may have peace.

"Purify it of all that is earthly," that is something that Pope Francis incorrectly urges You not to do.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.



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