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  • David Martin | The Daily Knight

Pope Francis Declines Cardinal Marx’s Resignation - Knowing he is Schismatic

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Pope Francis and Cardinal Reinhard Marx (DW)

On June 4, long-time Church dissenter and LGBT sympathizer Cardinal Reinhard Marx published a letter to Pope Francis in which he voiced his decision to resign as Archbishop of Munich and Freising. He expressed hope that his resignation would “send a personal signal for a new beginning, for a new awakening of the Church,” but in a letter on June 10 the pope declined Marx's resignation and asked the German cardinal to continue as archbishop of Munich/Freising.

Noting Marx’s concern for the sexual abuse crisis in Germany, Francis said that “the whole Church is in crisis because of the abuse issue,” yet he offered no solution to the problem but sidestepped the primary cause of the abuse, namely, the presence of homosexuals in the Church. Rampant homosexuality continues to rot the Church in Germany yet he said nothing to correct the situation. Marx’s resignation provided a perfect opportunity to rectify the quasi-schismatic problem in Germany that has menaced the Church yet nothing was done.

Francis has a history of feigning lamentation of clerical sexual abuse while at the same time feeding the problem by appointing LGBT cardinals to high positions of the Church so they can infect the Church with their LGBT activity. If he had true love for the Church he would sideline and correct offenders like Marx but instead he keeps them in the Church where they will do the most harm.

Fake Humility

In his letter of resignation to Francis on May 21, it appeared that Marx may have been expressing repentance for his contribution to the rampant sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

“Without doubt, these are times of crisis for the Church in Germany. There are, of course, many reasons for this situation — also beyond Germany in the whole world — and I believe it is not necessary to state them in detail here….

“In essence, it is important to me to share the responsibility for the catastrophe of the sexual abuse by Church officials over the past decades.”

But then Marx has shown absolutely no intention of resigning from his destructive and progressivist roles in the Vatican, both as a member of Pope Francis’ “privy council” for the reform of the Curia, known as the C6, and as the president of Francis’ Council for the Economy.

Given that, it appears his attempted resignation was really an attempt to place the Church in a bad light, i.e. to show it up as a failure, in order to justify further change and a protestant type “reform” of the Church.

Church Failure Marks “Turning Point” to New Synodal Church

He said the crisis in the Church in Germany and throughout the world “has also been caused by our own failure, our own guilt,” and said: “My impression is that we are at a ‘dead end’ which, and this is my paschal hope, also has the potential of becoming a ‘turning point.’”

He told Francis that we have to consider “the institutional failure which requires changes and a reform of the Church. A turning point out of this crisis is, in my opinion, only possible if we take a ‘synodal path.”

By synodal he means a new democratic type church where we cast aside doctrine and tradition and vote for new modernistic procedures that “work.” The implication is that the institutionalized Catholic Church of old has failed us and brought about the present crisis that warrants further modernization of the Church.

Hence it appears that Marx is using the destruction he has brought about through progressivist LGBT activity to further this destruction of the Church. He’s using his own failures to launch the Church into full apostasy.

Marx ends his letter by saying he would “gladly continue to be a priest and bishop of this Church” and that he would like to dedicate his upcoming years of service “in a more intense way to pastoral care and to commit myself to a spiritual renewal of the Church.”

Francis responded by saying, “This is my answer, dear brother. Continue as you propose, but as archbishop of Munich and Freising.”

Francis Agrees We Need Liberal “Reform”

Clearly, Francis is in agreement with Marx’s call for a synodal path, if in fact the two didn’t orchestrate this attempted “resignation” as a political maneuver to further the Protestant reform of the Church. Francis said that every bishop must ask himself, “What should I do in the face of this catastrophe?” He said the “mea culpa” offered in the face of past failures must be taken up again today.

He seemingly refers to the past “failures” of the institutionalized Church that led to the so-called Reformation of the sixteenth century. “We are being asked for a reform…. Reformation in the Church has been done by men and women who were not afraid to go into crisis.”

The pope said, “Giving too much weight to the prestige of institutions only leads to personal and historical failure.”

So the prestigious institution of the Holy Roman Catholic Church is not the answer but is the problem that we are called to “reform?” And do we reform it by packing its chambers with homosexuals and heretics?

Francis often apologizes for the Church’s past by implying that the institutionalized rule of tradition was a mistake that “justified” Luther’s Reformation. Instead of learning a lesson from the past fifty years of soul destruction he turns around and advocates the very thing that has generated the crisis, namely, our fake reform and change since Vatican II.

Francis: Christ Never Tried to Reform the Pharisees

As for the true reform of correcting offenders, Francis wants no part of it. He said in his letter, “The Lord never agreed to do ‘reform’ (if I may say so) either with the Pharisee project or the Sadducees…. But he did it with his life.”

So Jesus never tried to reform the Pharisees and Sadducees but humbly reformed his own life without pushing his ways on others? Has Francis ever read the Gospel? “Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you shut the kingdom of heaven against men, for you yourselves do not enter in; and those that are going in, you suffer not to enter." (Matthew 23:13)

Nay, Christ came to earth to reform the Jews and the whole world by laying down his rule of law. In doing this he set the example for his priestly representatives that they too must reform the Church by expelling heresy and modernism and restoring the Church to tradition, yet Francis neglects to admonish Marx of his duty to undertake such a reform but says ‘stay on as you are.’ He signs off by saying, “With fraternal affection – Francis.”

Is Francis Promoting a Rainbow Church?

What Francis should do is defrock Marx for the irreparable damage he has wrought throughout the Church, but with “fraternal affection” the pope rather bids him to continue as archbishop. Would it not show more affection and pastoral care to appoint a strong, conservative bishop to cleanse the German dioceses so that the Church there can be healed of its moral leprosy, or is Francis advocating that the rainbow bishops of Germany continue with their brand of “fraternal affection?”



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