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Participate More Deeply in the Mysteries of Holy Week & Prepare Your Hearts for the Joy of Easter

Fr. James Mawdsley, who in a viral video back in February, called on Bishops to "WITHSTAND FRANCIS PUBLICLY" has created some recent videos, a series of seven excellent reflections to help us participate more deeply in the mysteries of Holy Week and to prepare our hearts well for Easter. We find our Joy in the Love & Light of Christ, may we contemplate these mysteries with the help of the Sorrowful & Immaculate Mother!

As we are already onto Holy Tuesday I have just copied the links to his video reflections starting on Holy Thursday.

To find the Holy Mass texts for Holy Week, you can visit: For pre-1955 rites, select “Divino Afflatu” near the bottom of the page. Click on “Ordo” for the calendar. Click on “Sancta Missa” for the Mass texts.

In the Victorious Heart of Jesus,

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