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"MASSive Minutes" Ascending the Altar Steps to the Introit: Episode#1

Tiffany & Alexandra Clark |The Daily Knight

Welcome to our first episode in the series called: "MASSive Minutes."

MASSive because the mysteries of the Holy Mass are so deep that one could spend a lifetime meditating on them and still not know it all. Each video in these series will take a few minutes to delve deeper into the Sacred Mysteries and meanings of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Our goal is that by meditation on these rich Truths of the Holy Mass, we may draw more grace and be able to participate with more fervor in offering the Sacrifice of the Mass to the Adorable Trinity. In this way we can also come to know, love and serve God more perfectly in the worship that He has ordained and through the Sacraments He establish, increase in grace to win the race!

Most Meditations will be taken from the Douay Reims Catechism, St. John Eudes, St. Leonard Port Maurice and a few other saints. Be sure to subscribe to the MassConversions YouTube channel and click the bell to get notifications for the next video in the series.

Episode #1 below goes go through the beginning of Holy Mass up to the Introit.

Here are some of the questions answered in this MASSive Minute video:

Why does the priest ascend three steps at the altar? Why do we do kneel and beat our chest? Why does the priest kiss the altar? What signifies repeating the Introit twice?



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