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Mary and Joseph Escort Us to Jesus Christ in the Holy Rosary

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

“O Lord Jesus Christ, who, being subject to Mary and Joseph, didst sanctify home life with ineffable virtues: grant that, with the aid of both, we may be taught by the example of Thy Holy Family and attain to eternal fellowship with them: Who livest and reignest.” (Collects, Feast of the Holy Family, Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962)

The Blessed Virgin Mary, as the Mediatrix of all Graces and the Mother of God, escorts souls to the feet of her Most Regel Son more so than all of the Angels and Saints combined. St. Joseph, foster father of our Redeemer and patron of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, is a far, yet close second, intercessor in the salvific economy through and in Christ. In my solitude in federal custody, the Holy Ghost has assisted my understanding of Mary and Joseph’s deliverance of souls to Jesus Christ, most illustrated in the mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

Third Joyful Mystery: The Nativity

The darkness of the night could not contain the Star of Bethlehem, and the darkness of the world could not grasp the light of the Divine Child. Mary and Joseph bring us before the infant Jesus, who was denied shelter and who’s omnipotence could not be contained by any form or matter. From a manger, a feeding trough, Jesus Christ was placed by His mother to feed the sinners of the world. Animals, shepherds, sheep, and a multitude of Angels, representing the Heavenly Kingdom of sinners, priests, faithful, and angels, celebrated in “tiding of great joy” and praised “Glory to God in the highest” as the Redeemer lard in “swaddling clothes” before them. The redemption of the world laid manifest in the Incarnate World of God was delivered to Bethlehem, “The city of David,” by Mary and Joseph. (Luke 2:1-14)

Fourth Joyful Mystery: Presentation of Our Lord

Mary and Joseph accompany the faithful as they receive their spiritual birth in baptism. The blood that shed from the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, as He expired on the Cross, washes the stain of sin away from the souls now marked with the character of the Holy Trinity and numbered in the Mystical Body of Christ. The Blood, permitted to be shed from His circumcision, could have been enough to renew the world, but Christ loved his creation beyond all measure to deliver it to salvation through the Crucifixion. His Sacrifice was prophesied to Mary and Joseph by Simeon in the temple:

“Behold, this child is set for the fall, and the resurrection of many in Israel:

and for a sign which shall be contradicted: and thine own soul a sword

shall pierce, that out of many hearts thoughts may be revealed.” (Luke 2:35-36)

By the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph, may we be resurrected in the blood of Christ Jesus and embraced by the Cross that many have contradicted.

Fifth Joyful Mystery: Finding Jesus in the Temple

Mary and Joseph lead us to the church to find Jesus Christ, truly present in the Holy Eucharist and in the Word, proected from the teachings and magisterium of the Church:

“When Jesus was twelve years old, they going up into Jerusalem, according to

the custom of the feast, and having fulfilled the days, when they returned, the

Child Jesus remained in Jerusalem, and His parents knew it not. And thinking that

He was in the company, they came a day’s journey, and sought Him among their

kinsfolks and acquaintance. And not finding Him, they returned into Jerusalem, seeking

Him. And it came to pass that after three days they found Him in the Temple,

sitting in the midst of the doctors, hearing them and asking them questions. And all that heard

Him were astonished at His wisdom and His answers. And seeing Him they wondered. And His

Mother said to Him: Son, why hast thou done so to us? Behold Thy father and I have sought Thee

sorrowing. And he said to them: How is it that you sought Me? Did you not know that I must?

be about My Father’s business? (Luke 2:42-48)

And we navigate this valley of tears of the old Jerusalem that fell away from God’s grace, the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph guide us to the Holy of Holies, before the High Altar and Tabernacle that contains the full Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. From the Holy Sacrament of the Altar, He continues His Father’s business.

Fifth Sorrowful Mystery: The Crucifixion

Moses and Elias were present during the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ on Mount Thabor; thus, could it not be fitting that the foster father of Christ was spiritually present during the Crucifixion? St. Joseph, the protector and patron of Holy Mother Church, is often depicted holding the Infant Jesus. At his deathbed, Christ is often shown comforting and holding His dying father. Would it not be fitting for St. Joseph to be spiritually united with the Blessed Virgin Mary, his spouse, as they hold the Sacrificed Body of their Divine Son in the Pieta? As each nail was driven into His Sacred Hands and Feet, Joseph consoled Mary’s heart, while John held her. By their intercession, we are delivered to the foot of the Cross, being united to the Sacrifice on Calvary, in the Sacrament of Holy Communion before the Altar.

Fourth Glorious Mystery: The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a glorious and Triumphant event of the incorruptible New Eve’s testament of the resurrection and eternal residence in Heaven. It is one of the final ends that all of the faithful in the Church Militant long, hope and pray for. Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of the mystery is the reunification of the Holy Family. While St. Joseph remains a soul without his corruptible body, they Holy Family is once again complete between father, mother and Son. What a glorious and beautiful sight to see the Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and St. Joseph together in eternal bliss. We share a small slice of this phenomenon during each Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as all the Saints in choirs of the Angels become present around the Altar. One must believe, that during the Consecration, our Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph are closest to their Son and the Holy Eucharist. Imagine the experience of your relationship with the Holy Family in heaven, or the Angels build their faces in their presence.

The Holy Rosary brings one closer to Christ through the intercession of His Blessed Mother. St Joseph is more involved than one could possibly realize. Imagine how Joseph protected the Blessed Virgin Mary and Infant Jesus in their flee to Egypt. Consider how he, the Terror of Demons, is involved in supporting his blessed wife as she crushes head of Satan. St Joseph spiritually and physically, has a supportive role in most of the mysteries of the Holy Rosary. Pray that the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Joseph intercede in your prayers and hold you in the confines of the Holy Family. Jesus Christ is there.

In Christ crucified in the most victorious hearts of Jesus



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