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Kremlin Presents Putin as Savior Sent by God to Rescue Humanity from World War III

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Putin at this year’s economic forum in Russia where he was called savior

A video of Moscow’s annual St. Petersburg Economic Forum on June 6 shows Putin’s foreign policy guru Sergei Karaganov describing Putin as a savior sent by God to rescue humans from World War III. While Putin was main force in organizing the event he kept a somewhat modest profile and had Karaganov moderate the conference.

Karaganov’s assignment was to paint up Putin as the great prince leading the world to “a time of justice.” It was Kremlin propaganda at its best!

Karaganov said:

“At some point God Almighty took pity on us [and Putin arrived]. Now Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] you have a difficult task. Not only to win, but also to save the world which is sliding and being pushed into a World War.”

Throughout the discussion, Western civilization (Christianity) was presented as a cruel and aggressive force that has oppressed and plundered humanity while Putin was presented as the savior raised up by God to save the world from the cruelty of Western “colonization.” 

Naturally, the Kremlin doesn’t believe this “savior” lie but they only promote it to weaken the West and thus maximize the effectiveness of their plan to assault the West.

Karaganov continued his tirade against...

“Enslavement and destruction, the imposition of civilization on the people of the world: it looks like this: Ships return to their home harbors full of looted goods, European cities are built up and become rich. Enslaved countries become poorer and lose their identity… European civilization plundered Africa and China, India, the Middle East and the Americas. Ancient cultures were destroyed, indigenous peoples driven into reservations. Tens of millions of people were sold into slavery.

“In the modern world the colonial march has not stopped. The plunder has taken the even more hypocritical form of dollar dependency. Centuries of living at the expense of others has shaped the Western world into a colonizer’s psychology and mindset . . .

The Coming New World Government

“But a new time has come. A time of justice, honesty, law and order. Russia is a civilized state, the only one in the history of mankind that was able to resist Western colonization. For more than 1000 years of history, Russia has repeatedly repelled invasion attempts.” 

Here the Kremlin accuses the West of the very things they are guilty of, i.e., the ruthless invasion of nations, the oppression of the humble to feed and enrich themselves, the mass murder of their own people including 52 million under Stalin, placing millions into Siberian slavery to die in the cold, etc.

Note the dig that Karaganov takes at riches and the dollar. Russia hates capitalism because Western capitalism makes countries economically strong thus diminishing Russia’s chance to take them over. Note too the constant down talking of “civilization.” The idea of being civilized, peaceful, and free is repulsive to them. At the conference Karaganov said that Russia should hold “ a nuclear pistol to the temple” of the West, something that Putin has frequently echoed in the news.

Communism is Intrinsically Evil

Because of Russia’s sphere of influence in the West, people seem to have forgotten that Communism is intrinsically evil. The Kremlin maintains that the path to ‘world peace’ is to nuke America and the West. According to team Putin, peace means eliminating any Christian influence that hinders their plan to take over the world while cruelty means blocking their attempts to take over the world.

The Kremlin doesn’t believe its own charges against the West but they only make these charges to “justify” their aggression against the West. They pile on excuses to justify their planned invasion of Europe and America. To invoke Western sympathy, Russia plays the victim that is being forced to retaliate against the Western “cruelty” of resisting Communism.


Russia Wants to Nuke us to ‘Prevent WWIII’

Putin’s plan from the beginning is to catch the West off guard and take it by force. As he sees it, he owns the world so that if the West blocks him from conquering the world it justifies his plan to nuke the world. This is his way of ‘rescuing humans from WWIII.’ He would have us think that he is king and savior to whom the world must subjugate itself and that failure to do so justifies his aggression. 

Operation of Error to Believe Lying

We today are witnessing the “operation of error to believe lying” (2 Thess. 2:10) that would bewitch humanity in the end. If people today believe that Putin is a man of peace and that Communist Russia collapsed it only testifies to the great power that Russia presently exerts over the western mind.

What is bewildering, yea, deplorable is that there are Christians who swallow Putin’s bait and who honor him as ‘prince of peace,’ fulfilling Christ’s prophecy that there would come false christs who would “deceive (if possible) even the elect.” (Mt. 24:24)

If we in the future should see a wide sector of humanity hailing Putin as king and savior it will be manifest to all that he is the Antichrist.

What is interesting is that the St. Petersburg Economic Forum this year was on 6-6-24. (2 + 4 = 6)

On that note, let us consider an ancient numerical code that has been used for calculating 666. The code is applied to the alphabet with the letter “A” having the numerical value of 6 and each subsequent letter increasing in increments of 6, so that A = 6, B = 12, C = 18, etc. When we calculate the name “Mr. Putin” it adds up to 666.

Antichrist anyone?





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