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Francis Praises Global Elite Master Klaus Schwab

David Martin | The Daily Knight

We have late-breaking news that Pope Francis has sent a message of praise to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and to its founder Klaus Schwab, praising their annual WEF Davos meeting in its push for “globalization.” Francis here praises the WEF, which is a high-level coalition Freemasons and satanic elite masters who labor incessantly for the demolition of Christianity (through the spread of porn, LGBT, child abuse, etc.) and the setting up of a tyrannical one-world-government under 666.

In his message, Francis paints the WEF up as stewards of peace in an attempt to sell their cause to the world, hoping the world will embrace their message.

“It is my hope, then, that the participants in this year’s Forum will be mindful of the moral responsibility that each of us has in the fight against poverty, the attainment of an integral development for all our brothers and sisters, and the quest for a peaceful coexistence among peoples,” wrote Francis. 

Nowhere in his message did Francis mention Christ or the role of the Catholic Church in bringing world peace but rather highlighted the role of the WEF in its push for one-world governance and globalization for a “better” future.

By publicly endorsing these architects of apostasy Francis is promoting apostasy. It reflects his own apostasy evidenced by his public endorsement of homosexuality through his approved clerical blessing of homosexual couples.

Blessing a Gay Couple is no Different than Blessing a Rapist

Francis call for priests to bless homosexual couples is criminal. For a cleric to bless a gay couple that has vowed to continue in their sodomy is absolutely no different than blessing a gunman who has vowed to murder someone or a rapist who has made known his plan to stalk a woman. The WEF has made known its plan to demolish Christianity and bring about a sinister one-world government and Francis is praising them, quite obviously because he is one of them. In 2019 he said that our duty is to obey globalists when they speak, but he has never said this about Jesus Christ.

What does that tell us?



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