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Francis: Opponents of Clerical Gay Couple Blessings are ‘Hypocrites’

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Fr. James Martin blessing homosexual couple in compliance with Francis’ policy endorsing priestly blessing of gay relations.

Pope Francis is now accusing opponents of priestly gay-couple blessings of being hypocrites, when in fact his blessing of homosexual relations and calling it good is hypocrisy. According to Francis, all the holy popes, bishops, and saints of Church history were hypocrites because they denied blessings to gay couples and barred them from the Church.

In a recent interview, Francis expressed his strongest words thus far concerning his decision to bless homosexual couples. He told NBC:

“Nobody gets scandalized if I give my blessings to a businessman who perhaps *exploits people, and this is a very grave sin. But they get scandalized if I give them to a homosexual, Pope Francis, via ‘Credere.’ This is Hypocrisy.”

This is a highly inappropriate comparison and reflects an obstinate attempt to continue his blessing of homosexual unions. His argument holds no water. Comparing a businessman to a homosexual makes as much sense as comparing a carpenter to a rapist. A carpenter by definition is a responsible working man whereas a homosexual by definition is a sex-offender on the path to perdition. Businessmen generally are responsible people working to support their families, unlike homosexuals whose criminal lives “cry to heaven for vengeance.”

Sincere vs Insincere Quests for Priestly Blessings

If a businessman comes to a priest for a blessing it means he truly wants this blessing for his soul and for success in his work, so the priest should bless him. And while he might commit some sins or faults in his work, that’s not a reason to deny him a blessing. “A just man shall fall seven times” (Proverbs 24:16) and then rises.

Whereas, if a homosexual couple comes to a priest for a blessing, it’s because they want their shameful relationship blessed. Were it otherwise, they wouldn’t dare to approach the priest ‘holding hands’ together. They want their gay union blessed, so Francis blesses it because he is a gay sympathizer. He is blessing their homosexual aspirations, not their souls, thereby working their eternal ruin and then he calls it “good.” That is hypocrisy! 


Consider the following scenario. A group of armed robbers come to Francis, saying, “We want your blessing because as soon as you’re done, we’re going out to rob homosexuals, but first we want your ‘personal blessing.’ Could their criminal disclosure make them worthy of a priestly blessing? Would Francis jeopardize gays by blessing these robbers? Hardly.

Yet he puts the children of God in worse jeopardy. Gay couples and individuals come to him saying, “We want your blessing for we are practicing homosexuals and will continue this way, therefore we want your blessing.” And indeed, he blesses them so that they’re all the more motivated to go out and sin and spread their sodomy unto the murder of souls, and then he calls it good. 


A Troubled Conscience

It appears that Francis is running from a troubled conscience and is suffering from final impenitence. He rails against the humble and the just while building a wall of cement around himself and then calling it “mercy.” That too is hypocrisy.

He praised and blessed famed abortionist Emma Bonino, calling her “one of Italy’s forgotten greats.” He blesses U.N. abortion advocates who want to make the planet “sustainable” through population control, even saying that “our duty is to obey” them. He blesses the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that is oppressing the suffering underground Church in China. In every which way he upholds the right arm of the wicked while shaming the innocent who oppose them, even calling them hypocrites.


Is this not glaring hypocrisy?


*Note how he uses the occasion to take a dig at businessmen, which reflects his red disdain for Capitalism. American Capitalism is the great enemy of Communism, which Francis fully supports.




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