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Francis’ Call to Ban Surrogate Births Seemingly Has Hidden Agenda

David Martin | The Daily Knight

On January 8, Francis called for a global ban on surrogacy during a speech in Rome about threats to peace and human dignity. “I express my hope for an effort by the international community to prohibit this practice universally,” said Francis according to Reuters.

Throughout the period he has said that surrogate motherhood is a “deplorable commercialization” of pregnancy that must stop, but one has to wonder if he’s simply against western commercialization and is using the evil of surrogacy to turn us against this and against production in general including that of natural procreative production which makes for strong, productive, commercial nations—something Francis is against.

Conventional Birth Targeted

We should well consider that this call to ‘end surrogacy’ has nothing to do with a universal ban on surrogate births but rather a universal ban on conventional births and that Rome is simply sneaking it in as “surrogate” to gain our acceptance of the plan.

Should the called for ban on surrogacy be adopted we would likely see a future amendment to the plan restricting regular births to one per family in third world countries unto that time when we would eventually see the fulfillment of Cardinal Parolin’s dream of one or no child per family on a global scale, as we see in China. We all know about Francis and Parolin’s deal with the Chinese Communist Party in how it gives the CCP complete jurisdiction over the suffering underground Church in China. There is certainly no concern for “peace and human dignity” reflected here as we neither see concern for human dignity in Francis’ disgraceful blessing of homosexual couples.

The sudden media buzz over surrogacy also serves to switch the channel and take our eyes off the real issue of Fiducia Supplicans in order to facilitate Francis’ plan to double down on his blessing of gay-lesbian couples.

U.N. Globalists Generating the Plan

Clearly this push to “end” surrogate births is being generated by U.N. globalists to cover their sinister attempts to exploit and murder children. The U.N. labors incessantly for the termination and abuse children but does this under the pretext of deploring a global emergency of child exploitation. Francis is simply echoing their plan as their mouthpiece.

The present media exploitation of the adverse weather ties in with the U.N. plan to restrict birth. “Decrying” the recent quakes, storms, and waves in the press has been done to blame man for his “abuse” of the environment to justify the U.N. plan for worldwide depopulation. Climate action is all about abortion and the prevention of human life yet we see Francis and his Vatican pushing this with all their might.

Where is the concern for “peace and human dignity?”



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