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Desire of Holy Mass

Alexandra Clark | The Daily Knight

(Restless Pilgrim)

One single Mass offered gives more glory to God, more reparation, more thanksgiving, more love, than all the prayers and sacrifices of all men and angels have given, or will give to Him throughout eternity.  And did you know, that this great grace you can easily reap from, because you can assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass all day long!  How? It is simple, and it is all yours by simply for the wishing, yours to give infinite love and joy to God, infinite thanks to God for all his goodness, infinite reparation to God for all sin, and infinite pleadings to God to call down on yourself and others unspeakable graces.  "Prayer that is offered in Union with the Holy Sacrifice," as Fornerus says, "far surpasses in value all other prayers, however long, however fervent."  All you have to do is desire with your will and heart to offer up the Holy Sacrifice.

"God does not ask for a perfect work, but infinite desire.". St. Catherine of Sienna

St. little Therese understood this well; "Like the, my adored Spouse I would be scourged and crucified, I would be flayed like Saint Bartholomew, plunged into boiling oil like Saint John, like Saint Ignatius of Antioch I would be ground by the teeth of wild beasts, thus to become a bread worthy of God, and Saint Agnes and Saint Cecilia, I would offer my neck to the sword and like St. Joan of Arc murmur the name of Jesus as I burned at the stake...oh, but I am too little for doing of great folly lies and hoping that Thy Love accepts me as a Victim."

Read well what another Holy Carmelite Religious said on this subject:

"There is never a moment of a day or night in which the Holy Sacrifice is not being actually offered up in one or other portions of the world.  At every moment thousands of Masses are being offered up to God, scarcely do the first golden rays of the rising sun light up the distant horizon of the land, then the priest and thousands rise up to offer up their daily Mass.  Thus, the sun and its course traveling Westward awakens up a land after land, to send up, each, it's glorious chants of praise and glory to Almighty God, the wide world over. Think of this as you lie, perhaps, weary and sleepless, on your bed of sickness, and join in the Holy Sacrifice, at which you may assist in spirit offering up as though you were in body present. Think of this, when, through any cause, you are unable to assist at Mass in person, and offer all the Masses that will be said that day throughout the world. Think of it throughout the day as you go about your daily duties. Think of it at night before you were tired to rest and offer up to God the Masses that you will celebrate during all the time you are wrapped in sleep. The Holy Sacrifice is offered on a hundred thousand altars, broadly speaking. Thus, you may join in the Perpetual Sacrifice of priceless value that is ever, like the sweetest incense going up before the throne of God above. You can offer to God for infinite gifts at every moment of the day and night, for on average, for consecrations are taking place every second of the 24 hours; and these are all your simply for the wishing, yours to give infinite love and joy to God, infinite thanks to God for all his goodness, infinite preparation to God for all sin, an infinite pleadings to God to call down on yourself and others unspeakable graces. All this you can do by simply having the wish, the heartfelt desire to do it! For good intentions, burning desires, are before God, as if really affected or carried out! To give one proof, God once asked St. Gertrude to do something, at the moment quite impossible. "My God," she cried out, "why do you sometimes inspire your elect to do impossible things?" "I take pleasure," replied Our Lord, "in proposing many things to My friends, which they will never be able to accomplish in order that wishing to do them, I may be able to reward them for their wishes, just as if they had really been carried them out." To sum up all. It is a property of love to seek equality, to desire to give as much as it receives, to love as much as it is loved.  Consequently, this using of the Perpetual Sacrifice, the ceaseless offering of the infinity to an infinite God, this rendering of infinite love for the infant love that God bestows, this only can satisfy the love which is in every soul and love-hunger which makes it desire to return to God, if possible, even as much as He bestows on it.  Now "per Ipsum, et cum Ipso, et in Ipso"-- through the Mass, with the Mass, and in the Mass, can this equality of Love alone be realized." 

Remember that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass gives: 1. Infinite glory and joy and love to God, to make up to Him for man's forgetfulness of heart and praise God's Heart. 2. Infinite reparation to God to make up for man's wickedness and sins. 3. Infinite thanks to God to make up for man's ingratitude. 4. Infinite pleadings to God to make up for a world that has almost forgotten to pray or to plea for grace and good desires.

"For everything else that we give, or can give to God, our prayers, are pain, our love, our goal, even our very blood, are far less in comparison with Him and His gifts to us, than a teeny drop of rain is the immense bulk of the oceans. But in giving to God the Mass, we give Him a gift as great as Himself, viz.: His Own Divine Victim Son.  And in giving God this All-Holy-Victim in the Mass, we are enabled to offer, at the same time, to God all the great gifts or acts of worship for which the Divine Victim immolates Himself;

Let us then desire to assist in spirit at each Mass!  You have only to wish it, to desire it, and to keep on ever desiring it, and God will rectify your desires and accept them as if accomplished.  It is very consoling to realize that though we can do little of ourselves worthy of God, yet we can, by our intention of the mind and will, to join in the worship of Him so Divine and Infinite that it must make the very angels envy of us.  Like a drop of water which, falling into the ocean, becomes the ocean, so our insignificant homage falls into the ocean of Infinite Homage, which God's  Beloved Son is ever offering to His Eternal Father, and becomes an illimitable ocean of worship giving to God the Infinite worship of all the Masses into which it is plunged...infinite Glory, Joy, Thanksgiving, reparation and Love!!!!! My God, I love Thee in union with all the Infinite Love being offered to Thee at this moment in all the Holy Sacrifice of the Masses just now being said! Excerpts taken from:  In Love with the Divine Outcast


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