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  • David Martin | The Daily Knight

Ban Abortion or Else!

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Abortion, the wanton murder of the unborn, is a great curse upon America that has invoked the dark powers to inflict great harm on our country. It is a human sacrifice to the devil that gives him the needed strength to bring about the fall of our nation and thus facilitate his plan to enslave America under a communistic one-world government.

Hence we can understand why the satanically imbued deep-state has done everything in its power to remove all restrictions to abortion and why their executive puppet in DC has plugged it so vehemently.

Abortion is utterly barbaric and un-American and is something we associate with backward Communist countries like China and Russia where government elites see the people as cattle that they can slaughter to suit their own communistic ends. This is where legalized abortion comes fromRussia and China—and rampant legalized abortion in America reflects the inroads that Communism has made into our country.

Abortion up to birth, the most savage form of baby-killing, is practiced in only three countries on earth—Russia, China, and the United States. An utter disgrace it is that our once great “Christian” nation has now joined these beastly regimes in slaughtering the holy innocents.

The Great American Holocaust

In our history books we point fingers at Hitler for his barbarism and inhumanity but we need to look to ourselves and understand that today’s Great American Holocaust dwarfs anything that Hitler did. The supposed 1,000,000 abortions committed each year in America is a myth. The number far exceeds that as many “legal abortions” go unreported, not to mention the many illegal ones. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Guttmacher Institute that supposedly report abortion statistics in the U.S. are part of today’s socialist deep-state network so we can’t believe what they say. They deliberately low-ball the numbers to keep conservative opposition at a minimum while the true numbers are hidden from the public.

The Murderous Abortifacient Pill

This would especially apply to the abominable “morning-after” abortifacient pills that are handed out like candy to women and girls across America at no cost. The abominable pill terminates the life of the child after it has been conceived in the womb, which morally speaking is just as bad as a surgical abortion, yet none of this is recorded for the record. Each pill means a living child murdered in the womb and millions of such murders (abortions) are committed each year throughout our country.

The morning-after pill has greatly increased the number of child murders in the womb since it makes it much easier for women to engage in fornication without having to worry about the risk or inconvenience of undergoing a surgical abortion. It’s become all so easyget pregnant, pop a pill, so they can go out and get pregnant again. Life has become very cheap.

This abominable lifestyle has greatly strengthened Satan’s hold on our country as evidenced by the increased lockdowns and mandates being imposed by the state. What we are witnessing is divine protection being withdrawn from our country as the enemy is allowed more and more to round the people up like cattle and restrict their liberties.

Abortion Bringing Down God’s Hand

When all is said and done, the recent COVID crisis is a punishment for sin. For as we have chosen to honor Communist ways by allowing rampant abortion in America, God is allowing the Communists to take down America, and will continue to allow this unless there is an immediate change for the better. We have truly arrived at a pivotal point in the history of our country when we’re being given one last chance to either rid America of abortion or lose it forever. The choice is ours.

As the Supreme Court justices deliberate the matter of Wade vs. Roe let us earnestly pray that they will finally overturn this heinous 1973 Scotus decision that opened the door to this hellish nightmare we are now living through. And let us pray that overturning Wade vs. Roe will be a stepping-stone to criminalizing abortion at the federal level, since merely overturning it wouldn’t force states to criminalize abortion but would simply allow this as was the case before the 1973 ruling. We know of at least 21 states that would attempt to outlaw abortion if Wade vs. Roe was overturned but what is eventually needed is an abortion ban that would nationally apply across the board.

National Rosary Crusade Needed

To this end let America take up the daily Rosary. This is what spiritual authorities like Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò and Cdl. Raymond Burke have been calling for: a constant string of Rosaries—bead to bead, link to link, going across our land. Mary is the one who crushes the head of Satan and with the Rosary we can share in her power and assist her in crushing the dark powers from our midst.

It was through the Rosary that the Ottoman Turks were miraculously defeated at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. As the battle was won then with the Rosary crusade ordered by St. Pius V, so it is now that the red enemy will be defeated if America will simply take up the Rosary.

It was for reason that St. Padre Pio referred to the Rosary as “the weapon,” so we pray that America will arm itself with this holy ammunition that our nation might be victorious at this crucial moment of its history. For the Rosary is Heaven’s plan to unite America against the infernal powers and defeat their culture of death. With the Rosary we hold the power of God in our hands so let us use this means to tap Heaven’s power and put Antichrist to shame!



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