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Arizona Needs to Decertify- Then What?

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

The State Senate of Arizona, through the process of their forensic and qualitative audit of the 2020 General Election in Maricopa County, determined that 57,000 votes are in question due to various issues ranging from duplications to missing signatures.

Over 17,000 of the duplicate votes arrived after election day, November 4th. Additionally, the audit discovered that, in Maricopa County alone, there were 96,389 ghost voters, who were registered voters who voted in the election and cannot be found, and 74,243 more ballots received than originally mailed out by the Secretary of State. Lastly, there existed,

- 11,326 voters who didn't show up in election registration files on November 7th, but appeared on records after December 4th. Each of these voters submitted ballots in the 2020 election.

- 3,981 voters, who were registered after the October 15th cutoff, had voted in the election. By court order, these votes were not to be counted.

- 18,000 voters, who submitted ballots in the election, were removed from registration records shortly after the election. Those ballots are under question until proper documentation can be ascertained. (All data is sourced by the full report from Senate President Fann's letter to Arizona AG Brnovich, and the report from UncoverDC)

There are now calls to extend the forensic and qualitative audit to other counties, such as Pima County, and decertify the 2020 election results. The margin of victory in November was only 10,457 votes for the entire state of Arizona. A decertification, which has been publicly supported by multiple State Senators in public interviews in the press and on radio shows like Dr. Sebastian Gorka, would possibly flip the results of multiple U.S. Congressional races, the U.S. Senate race of Martha McSally, and, ultimately, the race of President Donald J. Trump.

Martha McSally would give the U.S. Senate back into the control of the Republic Party. Senator Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader and Republican Chaired Committees, would not only be a major stopgap to radical legislation from the House, but also an investigating body into Afghanistan and the 2020 election.

Arizona legislators are discussing how to proceed in a way that ensures the "federal government" recognizes and enforces a decertification of the 2020 election. As it stands, the current unconstitutionally held offices in Washington would accuse an Arizona decertification as fraudulent, unconstitutional, and in violation of voters' rights. That being said, the Arizona Senate has a significant problem with a "federal government" that will likely unlawfully and unconstitutionally force its biased and self-interested will onto the State of Arizona. To do so, the "federal government" would violate the constitutional framework, put forward through the federalist system, where it is required to adhere to the legislative actions of the sovereign states therein, as long as such actions comply with the U.S. Constitution.

Elections are managed by the legislative authority of State assemblies, not the federal government. Under H.R.1, the Socialists in the House aim to change that dynamic under federalism and centralize their fraudulent control over American elections. Arizona has full authority in this face; so, what can Arizona do under constitutional law?

Option 1:

Arizona, upon decertification, must file lawsuits with the Supreme Court of the United States for the court to rule in favor of the State Senate of Arizona's constitutional authority to decertify fraudulent and invalid results, and to then certify the fully valid and audited election data. In this effort through the highest court of the land, it is imperative that the proper steps be taken and necessary language used to establish lawful grounds and suit for the desired ruling. Many, if not all of the lawsuits from the states and the Trump Campaign, including attorneys and former prosecutors on the President's behalf, failed to establish legal grounds and the cases were either ignored or dismissed accordingly. This had a disastrous effect on the fight against the fraud of the 2020 election, because it created the appearance that the lawsuits were losing and didn't hold any factual evidence or presentable arguments. Nevertheless, Arizona will need the favor of the Supreme Court to rule to the validity of a new certification of audited results, require Senator Martha McSally to return to the U.S. Senate, and the 11 elector votes from Arizona to be awarded to President Trump.

Option 2:

In this scenario, the Supreme Court refuses to hear the case as they have in the past, or unconstitutionally rules that a sovereign state lacks the authority to correct existence of fraud or invalid election data. Such a ruling or dismissal would violate the constitutional understanding of the unlawful affects of fraud. The U.S. Supreme Court, time and again, has recognized the fact that fraud, in any legal agreement or medium, nullifies and voids all aspects of the agreement, the medium, and the products resulting thereof. If fraud is proven, the election, the office holder, and all legislative works are then deemed null and void.

A Supreme Court that would ignore such basic understanding of the application of constitutional law, would deed to be lawfully opposed by the sovereign states and the people. Under constitutional law, any people or state has the right to recall elections; no different than what just occurred in the recent California governor race. With regard to the Supreme Court, the power of impeachment resides in the representative body of the American people and the states. Since the U.S. Congress lacks the votes to impeach any one of the Supreme Court Justices, the second option of the Arizona State Senate would be to assist the forensic and qualitative arguments of other states (i.e. Wisconsin, Texas, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia) to establish more decertifications and lawsuits to the Supreme Court. The building public option, come 2022, could provide the votes to impeach Justices, who fail to adhere to the U.S. Constitution. Before then, the compounding effects of multiple states' confirmation of fraud could motivate the court to hear the cases and rule responsibly.

Option 3:

After exhausting the states' final judicial option, the sovereign state of Arizona ought to draft and pass legislation that, in keeping full loyalty to and with the U.S. Constitution, severs all adherence to and all exercises with the "federal government" in Washington, D.C.. Lawfully and constitutionally, the legislation must affirm that the unconstitutionally certified and established "federal government," aided by its unlawful disregard to defend and adhere to the U.S. Constitution, resides outside the nation's founding document. In constitutional premises, the "federal government" has become a foreign entity, serving not the interests of the sovereign states and the American people.

Such legislative action would be entirely different than that of the southern states that seceded and established a new sovereign entity, the Confederate States of America, supported by a new constitution. The Arizona legislation would maintain full loyalty to the U.S. Constitution, lawful and constitutional legislation, regulations, and executive orders of the federal government, its relationships with other American states, and its commitment to protect and defend the safety and sovereignty of the nation, albeit the foreign entity of the "federal government" in Washington, D.C.

These constitutional options, including such staunch legislation, would represent Arizona's opposition of an illegitimated and authoritarian "federal government," which would immediately retaliate with various oppressive tactics. Money is always used as a weapon, and it would be likely that the "federal government" would move to remove all federal funding from Arizona, which has already been occurred along the southern border. In the absence of federal funding, larger states like Texas and Florida could extend credit to keep various administrative and necessary operations, private and public, running in Arizona. The White House would be forced to increase oppressive measures, show more of its Socialistic colors and motivations, to further violate the sovereignty of Arizona. Not only would Arizona's effort lead other states to sever ties with the foreign entity in Washington, but launch additional forensic and qualitative audits of the 2020 election, further proving the "federal government's" illegitimacy and unconstitutionality.

Once removed from office, all actions of the foreign entity would be immediately terminated, nullified, and voided. All officials, elected, appointed, and hired, that were culpable of the foreign entity's unconstitutional establishment and authority ought to be indicted accordingly from various degrees of conspiracy to commit election fraud to treason. The swamp runs deep and must be, for the security and longevity of the U.S. Constitution, the American experiment, and our posterity, drained of all impediments, personal and impersonal, of constitutional law and order, which exists in accordance with Divine Law and Order. May God save the American Republic.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.

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