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Bishop Schneider: There is NO Exception, We Cannot Use the Abortion-Tainted Vaccines!

Alexandra Clark | The Daily Knight

Photo Credit to PlanetLockdown Rumble video

In a recent interview with PlanetLockdown, Bishop Athanasius Schneider answers questions concerning the tyrannical government lockdowns and the intrinsic evil of the vaccines connected to abortion which is "from the assassination of an innocent child." The full interview is only 16 minutes and worth listening too.

We thank God that Bishop Schneider is so kind to help souls understand the truth during these diabolical and confusing times.

One noteworthy quote from the interview points out the moral obligation Catholics have in saying NO to the vaccines because of its connection to killing an innocent baby and abusing their body parts. Bishop Schneider answers the interviewer regarding this evil and the Catholic response to the Covid-19 vaccines:

Yes, I am convinced that the vaccinations which have been produced by using cell lines from an abortion, from the assassination of an innocent child, or to be tested, this is intrinsically an evil. And a Christian cannot in any way, with no exception can you legitimize the use of this medicine or this vaccine. Since you know this, with full knowledge and with full freedom, you cannot do this, because in this way you are collaborating in a proximate way, not a remote way, in a proximate way with the horrible fetal industry, which is every day growing now. And there are two phenomena which we have to distinguish. One is the killing of the innocent baby, it is horrible, the abortion itself. And then the other, horrible phenomenon, the abuse of their body parts themselves in the biomedical research and industry which is now expanding. And so we are putting ourselves close to this horrible, cruel industry, abusing the weakest ones in our society, the unborn, and their body parts. And therefore we can never, there is no exception, we cannot use the abortion-tainted vaccines or medicines, from the moment that we have sure knowledge about this.

....At least those anti-Covid vaccines that are now propagated and admitted, like Astra-Zeneca, Johnson and Johnson, they, the pharmaceutical company itself, admits it, so, they themselves admit it. And even Pfizer, Moderna say that they tested, used aborted cells in the testing process. So they admit this. So there are no other anti-Covid vaccines that would be free from any connection to a cruelty, to abortion. So they have to have true, 100 percent cruelty-free vaccinations.


We have to be absolutely against the cruelty done to unborn children, and then the unworthy and degrading manner of using their body parts. This is a horrible thing. And we have to always to protest against this. When we admit an exception, in exceptional cases, then our protest is not credible and is weakening all our protest against this horrible industry, and it will be ineffective, de facto.

Watch the full 16-minute interview here by PlanetLockdown:

See here a pdf chart of what vaccines are connected to abortion (with helpful source documentation):

In summary, these facts show that the main five COVID vaccines are connected to abortion:

1. Pfizer vaccine – connected to abortion

2. Moderna vaccine – connected to abortion

3. Oxford/AstraZeneca – connected to abortion

4. Johnson and Johnson/ Janssen – connected to abortion

5. Sanofi Pasteur & Translate Bio – connected to abortion

Are any COVID-19 vaccines available that are not tested or produced using a cell line derived from an aborted child? Comprehensive answer here regarding all the currently available vaccines for Covid-19:



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