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Afghanistan Disgrace - Over 500 American Citizens Trapped

Justin Haggerty | The Daily Knight

(Image by AP)

Yesterday, Sunday, August 15th, Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan fell to Taliban forces that swept the country in nearly one week's time. While scheduled to remove final forces and state entities from the country by September 1st, the rapid capitulation came as a shock to the U.S. State Department and to the world. The State Department and U.S. Military were unable to evacuate all personnel from the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, and over 500 American citizens are 'sheltering in place' in the fallen capital.

U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), in an interview this morning on Fox News, informed that there are over 500 American citizens who are trapped in Kabul. State Department officials have been busy, throughout the night, answering calls for help from Americans who are scared for their lives. Instructed to 'shelter in place,' American citizens watch as the Taliban tears through Afghanistan, committing mass murders of all those who worked with the United States government and taking young girls to marry away as prizes to Taliban fighters.

The government of Afghanistan has fled to an unknown location, and, as of this morning, U.S. Embassy personnel remain to be trapped at the airport in Kabul. Many aircraft have been grounded due to Taliban forces firing across the airstrips. Fox News aired coverage of an U.S. C-130 cargo-plane on the runway, surrounded by hundred of Afghans, and unable to take off. There have been multiple engagements in and around the airport, causing at least six American casualties.

Officials in the White House are blaming the Trump Administration for providing "bad information" on the situation in Afghanistan. While the White House and State Department attempt to flip the narrative and place blame away from their administration, the intelligence has existed for many years, including the eight years of Joe Biden's Vice Presidency under then President Barack Obama. Military intelligence has consistently illustrated a weak Afghan government that has little to no nationwide control of its military. While the White House touted an Afghan army of '300,000' U.S. trained personnel, the truth is that the number would fluctuate thought the year.

Most years, when spring approached, many Afghan soldiers would return home to support their families and tend to their fields. Up to twenty percent of newly trained Afghan soldiers would not return to duty, ending up in Taliban training camps across the boarder in Pakistan or in underground Taliban "cells." The Trump Administration understood the delicate situation and took two years to slowly move toward a demarcation from Afghanistan, but was in no way near that readiness mark. The White House, fulfilling the desires of China, the Taliban, and adhering to false principles of International Relations, decided they knew better than the military intelligence.

With no quick reaction force, air support, or naval fleet off the coast in the Indian Ocean, the Afghan people were abandoned by the U.S. government and left vulnerable to Taliban molestation. Two weeks ago, the leadership of the Taliban met with Chinese Communist Party leadership in Beijing, when the evident order to commence their attack was given. China now owns Afghanistan, and their air support will soon cover across the mountainous country, like it helps patrol Iranian airspace. China will have the rights to the largest lithium and copper veins in the world, giving them superiority in electronics and battery manufacturing. The largest production of poppy-opium will also be in their control; expect narcotic prices to skyrocket in the U.S. in the future. Afghanistan is yet another foothold in the Middle East for the Chinese to continue their quest for dominance over the Indian Ocean, adding pressure to U.S. backed Arab coalitions, and to Pakistan and India to the South.

The U.S. Military conducted operations in Afghanistan for 20 years, suffering 22,366 casualties and spending $2.4 trillion (double the cost spent in Vietnam in today's monetary value) for another failed secular government. BBC interviewed one of the Taliban officials occupying the Afghan presidential palace in Kabul; he proudly admitted that he spent 8 years in GITMO, only to be released to partake in the collapse of Afghanistan.

In Christ Crucified and the Most Victorious Heart of Jesus.



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