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Acapulco Earthquake A Providential Warning to Mexico

David Martin | The Daily Knight

View of damaged cars outside a hotel after a 7.1 quake in Acapulco, Mexico on September 7, 2021. (Photo by FRANCISCO ROBLES/AFP via Getty Images)

On Tuesday, September 7, the Mexico Supreme Court dealt a blow to the rights of the unborn when it ruled that abortion is no longer a criminal offense. This means that abortionists can now murder babies via abortion without being punished.

Supreme Court Justice Luis Maria Aguilar praised the unanimous ruling as a “historic step for the rights of women” in Mexico, but September 7, 2021, will go down as a day of infamy in Mexican history.

Interestingly enough, a powerful 7.1 earthquake struck southern Mexico later that day on September 7, killing at least one person and sending thousands of panicked people into the streets to escape falling glass and crumbling walls.

"There are nervous breakdowns, people are worried because there have been [150] aftershocks," Adela Román, the mayor of Acapulco, told television news outlet Milenio. She said there are "many gas leaks in many places" as well as some landslides and fallen walls.

The tremor was centered 10 miles northeast of Acapulco but it was felt nearly 200 miles away in Mexico City where buildings swayed for a full minute. Hordes of people hit the streets to escape falling debris. An estimated 1.6 million people were left without power throughout the country.

What is all the more ominous is that a rare lightshow flashed across Mexico’s sky immediately following the earthquake, sparking ‘apocalypse’ fears throughout the country.

Mexican Quake a Chastisement From God

Clearly, God has expressed His indignation over the Mexico Supreme Court decision. This is a providential warning to the people of Mexico that God will not tolerate the murder of the unborn. That the justices of a predominately Catholic country should issue this murderous decree against the holy innocents is unthinkable.

Hence the children need to be “shaken up” when they forget their duty to God and His commandments. The Mexican quake is a celestial wake-up call to the people of Mexico that murder is not to be condoned.

We pray that Mexico will learn by this and that its justices will retract their heinous decision to sentence the unborn to death. Without this we can only expect the full blow of divine justice to be unleashed against Mexico’s “justice” in the time to come.

Let the Mexico Supreme Court consider the words of the prophet Isaias:

“Woe to them that make wicked laws: and when they write, write injustice: To oppress the poor in judgment, and do violence to the cause of the humble of my people…. What will you do in the day of visitation, and of the calamity which cometh from afar? to whom will ye flee for help?” (Isaias 10:1-3)

The Mexican earthquake is a prime opportunity for Church leaders to sound the alarm about abortion yet it seems that this providential warning has largely fallen on deafened ears. Let the somnolent Vatican bishops (and their leader) who show any tolerance for Mexico’s assault on the unborn consider the following admonition of Holy Scripture.

“For power is given you by the Lord, and strength by the most High, who will examine your works, and search out your thoughts: Because being ministers of his kingdom, you have not judged rightly, nor kept the law of justice, nor walked according to the will of God. Horribly and speedily will he appear to you: for a most severe judgment shall be for them that bear rule.” (Wisdom 6:5,6)



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