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Backs Turned Toward God

Are backs are turned toward God, and the consequences are continually apparent. Since the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), the Catholic Church decided to erase traditional liturgical practices with ones that fit the modern world.

In order to placate to modern humanism and individualism, the Church's intellectuals in the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and the Dominicans pushed to parishioners a stronger role in mass. Before Vatican II, the mass was a celebration toward God, Jesus Christ. The Priest stood between the congregation and the alter, performing the rite to the Lord. After Vatican II, the alter was placed between the congregation and the Priest and the rite was performed toward the parishioners, all the while the Priest's back faced God. We became Protestantized.

Like our society, the Church turned it's back on God and worshiped humanity. Just a quick look at the news shows how that action benefited society. By replacing God with Man, we have allowed decadence into our towns and churches; priests are molesting children, the Church ignores adultery and allows divorce, the Vatican forgives homosexuality and other sexual deviances, Islam infiltrates Christian Society with rape and murder, racism has spread and taken control of larger political organizations, fascism and the call for national socialism are on the rise, communists and anarchists threaten iconoclasm to destroy historical and religious memorials, satanism and paganism continue to propagate, religious rights are slowly being eradicated by secularism, and society has supported and bore witness to the largest genocide in human history, abortion.

Such decadence could only be allowed by the decline of traditionalism and the rise of intellectual liberalism in the Church. Liberalism, in its very nature, yearns for the state to replace the Church. With the Leviathan, the all powerful state, there is no need for faith. Where religion cares for the sick and dying, the state moves toward universal healthcare. Where religion protects and supports the poor, the states provides wealth-fare. Where religion provides moral guidance and the truth, the state engineers society and projects propaganda. Where religion illustrates the path to salvation, the state projects material pleasure and limited prosperity.

Europe is dying, eaten alive by liberalism, the incursion of Islam, and a weak Church. We must reform the Church, in order to save Western Civilization and the salvation of billions. A traditional Church is a powerful Church, that no longer turns its back toward God. As God wills it, this movement will be conceived and spring from the womb of the United States of America to unite the Latin Rite and restore the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

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