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  • Heather Nolan | The Daily Knight

The Amazonian Synod – Could We Be Seeing the Beginning of Vatican III?

On October 20th 2019, a pact was signed in the underground basilica in the Catacombs of Domitilla by 42 bishops, as well as lay men and a woman , (who was called a synod “mother).

This pact was touted as a renewal of one that was signed on November 11 th 1965, which called for a new “church of the poor.”

The contents of this new catacomb pact calls for the Church to have a more Amazonian face, and calls for the preservation of the native languages, customs and spiritualties of indigenous peoples. It condemns the accumulation of money and possessions, and, like the original pact, endorses socialism, as well as liberation theology, and a one-world religion.

The pact positively reeks of Marxism as well as rabid ecumenism, and seeks, in so many words, to malign the evangelical efforts that the Church has made for many centuries. The pact calls for new ministries, and mentions a women’s “diakonia”, which is really a women’s diaconate: and we all know where this will lead. It seems the goal of this pact is to open the door for women priests, and a new pagan religion that will replace the Faith that so many of our forefathers and mothers have given their lives for since the dawn of Christianity.

Critics of this pact have been labeled as “intolerant and racist,” when in fact, the opposite is true. How can one be called a racist if one wishes to bring people of every race and tongue to the truth of Jesus Christ? How can a racist wish to see all peoples enter the glory of Heaven?

But I digress. This new pact has fourteen points which focuses on preservation of the Amazonian rain forest and the care of Mother Earth. In fact, the signatories refer to themselves as the “sons and daughters of Mother Earth.” Mother Earth is deified in place of Christ the King. The creation is exalted and not the Creator.

The most innocuous language is used to promote a dialogue with other spiritualties, and calls for people of pagan beliefs that have a voice in the Church. The signatories also express their desire to reduce environmental waste in the use of plastics and garbage, as well as reducing fuel consumption and favoring environmentally friendly products. Again, we see Mother Earth as the primary concern here, which is also at the heart of all pagan religions.

One of the most troubling things was a screen capture that was made by a popular YouTube personality of these bishops signing this pact with their thumbs in what appears to be a blood like substance. Some have said that it was a certain type of tree sap that was used. I do have to questions why this method of signing a pact was used, instead of merely affixing one’s signature to the pact? The very image will send chills down the spine of any good Catholic.

So we see that what was called the Amazon Synod seems to be leading to a new type of church, and dare I say it, to Vatican III. It seeks to replace Christ as Head of the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, and instead make Mother Earth the new object of worship. We have seen from the very beginning of this synod the emphasis on the environment, with the idol worship and tree-planting ceremony on October 4th, the day before the official beginning of the synod. So, let us imagine what this new church will look like.

We can imagine that the Pachamama idols would be used to replace Our Lady, bowls of dirt representing Pachamama placed on our holy altars, women in the priesthood, and all sorts of other pagan ideas infiltrating the Holy Mass. One could be asked to go to Confession to confess their sins against “Mother Earth” instead of our Lord Jesus Christ. All Christian evangelization efforts would cease, and no longer would we see baptisms of those who wish to convert to the True Faith.

For the sake of brevity, I will end this here for now, and I imagine that many more articles on this subject will follow. So, my Christian brothers and sisters, we must pray for our Church. As Bishop Athanasius Schneider mentioned in a recent interview with Michael Matt, Editor of the Remnant Newspaper, the Church is currently in her Passion. We must not leave our Mother. No, instead we must fight this infiltration and pray with all of our strength for our Mother, the Church.

In Christ.

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