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We Must Stay in the State of Grace & Prepare for Death!

Alexandra Clark | The Daily Knight

In our next episode on the "Mass Conversions" channel, we interview Fr. Samuel Waters to talk about the vital importance of remaining in the State of Grace, (what that actually means) & how Catholics today are to be prepared for death.

Father Waters explains how the Church’s Mission is to help us save our souls. The care of our souls is essential if we are to spend eternity with God. Thus, we have to take care of our souls by keeping it in a state of grace.

We know that we are living in such a deadly chastisement with all the diabolical disorientation and thousands of deaths we hear about each day. Now more than ever, souls serious about where they will spend Eternity need to know how to remain in the State of Grace and how to prepare for whatever death God has ordained that we should endure.

Watch the Full interview here (33 minutes):

Overview of the Interview:


The condition of a soul who is free from mortal sin and pleasing to God. It is the state of being in God's friendship. It is the necessary condition of the soul to obtain graces from the Sacraments, especially, we must be in a state of grace when we receive Our Lord in Holy Communion. And it is the state our souls must be in at death in order to attain Heaven. Remember, it only takes one mortal sin to send you to Hell.

Our Primary Responsibility is:





Convicting yourself in confession: enables Jesus to be a merciful Father. Not convicting yourself in Confession: makes Jesus be a Just Judge. Once a week is great! Once every two weeks, is good. Once a month is okay ( but never longer than once a month). There are so many graces we get from going frequently to Confession that help us even over come our habitual sins. Each Confession too, just like Holy Mass, can be offered up for a special intention. For example, on First Saturdays going to Confession to offer it as an act of reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is very pleasing to God. One can also offer up there Confession for those obstinate sinners who are offending God so much and are not sorry for their sins.


Tell God often that you are sorry for all your sins.


For every sin we commit there is the Temporal Punish due to sin/ the harm we cause to self and others that we must make reparation for.

Continue to form our conscience in the light of the Dogmas and Doctrines of the Faith We should set the greatest value on Indulgences because by them we satisfy the justice of God and obtain possession of Heaven sooner and more easily.

- OBTAIN PLENARY INDULGENCES: plenary (meaning “full”) is a special type of indulgence that by which the whole temporal punishment due to our sins is remitted. Hence, if one were to die after having gained such an Indulgence, he would go straight to Heaven, being, as he is, perfectly exempt from the pains of Purgatory.

Requirements for a Plenary Indulgence by which we can obtain these immense graces and make reparation to the Heart of God:

1. Be in the state of grace. Just as we spoke, being detached from sin.

2. Going to Confession (8 days before or after) in a spirit of reparation.

3. Receive Holy Communion so as to be united closely to Christ as possible.

4. Pray for the Traditional intentions of the Pope (usually Our Father, Hail Mary & Glory be. Traditional Intentions listed below)

5. And lastly, by doing the special prayer or work for that indulgence (example public Rosary, Starting the New Year with the Veni Creator Spiritus, etc.)

Again, for a plenary indulgence, it is a requirement, to pray for the popes intentions but what does that mean? Know that it is part of the wisdom of the Holy Mother Church, in making sure that six very important intentions are always prayed for, especially when the Pope himself fails to do so. That is why we join in to remember these six traditional intentions that every pope throughout history is supposed to pray for.

The Traditional Intentions of the Pope are:

1. The exaltation of the Church

2. The propagation of the faith.

3. The extirpation of heresy

4. The conversion of sinners

5. Concord between Christian princes/nations

6. All other goods of the Christian people.

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Now is a time for Mass conversions! What do we mean by a time for Mass Conversions? The first meaning is of a literal sense. All faithful Catholics should have a desire and zeal for the salvation of souls and want MASSive amounts of conversions to the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church. During our current crisis within the Church, it is a time to turn back with even more love & devotion to that which has saved & sanctified Catholics. And thus, “Mass Conversions” is that turning back to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass ~ Christ's one perfect redemptive Sacrifice on the Cross. The Mass which is the heart of the Faith !

MassConversions: LEARN the Holy Mass, LOVE the Holy Mass, & LIVE the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass!

(This project is dedicated to the Immaculata for the revival of the Love of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass)



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