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"We Cannot be Silent" - New Letter from Archbishop Viganò

Alexandra Clark | The Daily Knight

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò (OnePeterFive)

Another letter from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò was given to Catholic Family News Dec. 22, 2020. His Excellency titles his letter: "Den of Thieves."

In this letter he condemns Netflix and it's evil films released this year such as Cuties and Praise Satan. He also calls out Pope Francis giving his time to the making of a Netflix film called, Sharing the Wisdom of Time. Working with evil has never been the duty of a Pope but it has become very clear that Pope Francis aligns himself with the Freemasons, the One World Order, the Globalists, the leaders of the Great Reset, Communist China, and rest of the diabolical wolves of our time.

Archbishop Vigano himself states:

"In the past few days the Holy See has signed an agreement with the UN to promote sustainability and gender equality, thereby giving its support to an organization that promotes abortion and contraception. On the very day dedicated to the Immaculate Conception – December 8, 2020 – almost like a shameful insult against the Blessed Mother, a new partnership was officially instituted between the Vatican and the “Council for Inclusive Capitalism”[1] promoted by Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a close friend of Hillary Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, after sending a message of praise to Klaus Schwab, the president of the World Economic Forum and theorist of the Great Reset. And in order not to give rise to misunderstandings, after numerous appeals to obey the authorities in the emergency of the psycho-pandemic, it appears that the Covid vaccine will be made obligatory for all the officials and staff of Vatican City, despite the fact that is has been produced with aborted fetal tissue and provides no guarantee of being either effective or harmless.

I believe it is now understood beyond all reasonable doubt that the leaders of the present Catholic Hierarchy have placed themselves at the service of the globalist Oligarchy and Freemasonry: the idolatrous cult of the pachamama in the Vatican Basilica is now joined by a sacrilegious Nativity scene, whose symbiology appears to allude to ancient Egyptian rites as well as aliens. Only a naïve person or an accomplice can deny that in this whole chain of events there is a very clear ideological coherence and a lucid diabolical mind."

None of what the Pope is currently doing is the mission of the Church. The mission of the Church is the salvation and sanctification of souls. Besides our current fight against the steal of the election here in the U.S., Archbishop Vigano calls out the steal of the Vatican and the betrayal of the sacred mission of the Church by closing his letter saying:

The letter of Arthur Tane to the Secretary of State closes with a citation from the Gospel that is more appropriate than ever: "Either the Church understands the significance of its mission, or it itself has become a temple of money changers. For in the words of Jesus: It is written that my house will be called a house of prayer, but you are making it a den of robbers (Mt 21:12-13)."As Bishops, we cannot be silent: our silence would constitute an intolerable connivance and complicity with those mercenaries who, abusing a usurped power, deny Christ and consign souls to the Enemy of the human race."

Read Archbishop Vigano's full three-page letter "Den of Thieves" here:

Pray much for the salvation and sanctification of souls! Ave Maria!


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