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Viganò Ousted from the Church While Sex Predator is Welcomed

David Martin | The Daily Knight

While concerned Catholics have expressed alarm over Archbishop Vigano's July 4 excommunication for the crime of “schism,” the world's bishops have remained silent on this with little support shown for him, presumably for fear of being axed if they do show support. This week, Viganò told the bishops: "If you are silent, the stones will cry out."


Francis’ Doctrine of “Inclusion” Expels Catholics


Pope Francis says that the Church and Heaven are for everyone. “Everyone, everyone can enter,” he says. He insists that everyone without exception be admitted to the Church... everyone except devout Catholics. Francis has a history of cancelling and expelling the best Catholics from the Church, including people like prolife champion Fr. Frank Pavone, or prelates like Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Mueller, Bishop Strickland, and now Archbishop Viganò who was excommunicated for speaking out against the Modernist revolution and its key instigator.


Sex Predator Fr. Rupnik Supported by Rome


Now we hear in the news about the Vatican supporting the artwork of Father Marko Ivan Rupnik who was charged with having sexually abused as many as 30 nuns in religious orders. Some of his sexual atrocities involved the use of Consecrated Communion Hosts. While the Slovenic priest was momentarily excommunicated in 2020, the sentence was quickly lifted by Pope Francis, whereupon he has continued in the 'good graces' of the Church. Rupnik’s initial excommunication only proves he was guilty of crimes he was accused of.

The above mosaic by Fr. Rupnik is typical of the soulless “goon art” displayed on today’s modern missals. Rupnik has made a habit of plastering his graffiti throughout the universal Church, including at Lourdes, which has alarmed concerned Catholics everywhere.

As the Vatican sees it, Rupnik has been a valuable asset to help enhance the distorted themes prevalent in the Church today, so Rome therefore has turned a deaf ear to overtures that Rupnik and his work be removed from the Church.


According to his victims, some of the sexual abuse took place while nuns were serving as models for Rupnik’s strange and subliminal art—art that detracts from Christ’s Majesty and that is suggestive of women priests and promiscuous behavior.


Concerned Catholics are asking: How is it that Fr. Rupnik and his work are recognized by Rome while the exemplary Archbishop Viganò has been booted from the Church?    






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