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  • David Martin | The Daily Knight

To USCCB President Archbishop José Gomez: Never Mind Immigration, Promote the Faith

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Your Excellency:

Throughout your tenure you have consistently made issue of immigration per your book, Immigration and the Next America, Renewing the Soul of our Nation, but what does this have to do with the salvation of souls? Why all the political fuss? Is there money involved? A bishop should not involve himself with small-minded politics, let alone Raza Unida politics, but should do the work of Christ to spread the Catholic Faith and re-civilize society in the spirit of St. Junipero Serra who converted the Indians from indigenous ways.

However, if a prelate is going to address a political issue the least he can do is get it right. What they call immigration today is not about immigration but about the red invasion of America under the guise of immigration. Certainly you must know that Central America is a center-point for the capitulation of the United States and Canada. Since the 80s this plan has been brewing from Nicaragua, to go into Mexico and thereupon into the United States.

In the anticipation of this insurgence the internationalists have been getting the momentum going at our southern border, which is what they call “immigration.” We’re talking about an influx of criminals, revolutionaries, gang-recruiters, drug-dealers, etc., that seek to illegally breach our borders with the intention of bringing revolution to this country.

Naturally, they’ll always throw a few women and children on the cartels to soften-up our somnolent political and religious leaders, so the bishops should be on their guard against this.

While it is true that there are many true immigrants who honestly seek work and naturalization, this has nothing to do with the immigration “reform” of todaythe reform you’ve been misled about. We speak of a well-orchestrated plan to invade our country. The so-called reform is all part of the “Great Reset” planned by U.N. globalists to dissolve America and enslave her under a borderless one-world government.

Open Border Rhetoric Promoted by Marxists

In this globalist plan to subdue the West, there are key words and phrases they continually throw around wherewith to subvert us with a false sense of peace phrases like “love of the poor,” “social justice,” and yes, “open borders.” Through our Marxist controlled media and other like channels of communication (including today’s KGB infested USCCB bureaucracy), they’ve been drumming this open border rhetoric into our heads so that we will eventually succumb to the political rape of allowing La Raza revolutionaries to break through our borders. Such illegal immigration fosters a corrupt, free-loader mentality that leads to crime and places our country in danger. It nourishes contempt for America and the breaking of her laws.

Is this your idea of “restoring the soul of our nation?”

Our nation will be restored by returning to Christian morals and legal procedure. It will be restored by guarding our borders in a spirit of nationalism, which is the way of God. For immigration is not a right but a privilege. In the same way a man does not allow strangers to walk into his house neither must we allow strangers to walk into our country without being vetted. Until they can prove in word, deed, and writing that they honor the flag and pledge to be faithful, law-abiding American citizens they should never be allowed in this country.

Don’t forget, every person living will be thoroughly vetted and examined before they can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. No one comes in as they are but must show themselves to be worthy. Immigrants must be humble, respectful, and must show due gratitude to America for allowing them to come in.

Applicable to the Church

The problem with clergy adopting this “open border” idea is that they turn around and apply it to the Church, which is the plan of the enemy. The bishops have a duty to lock cultural, indigenous, and pagan elements out of the Church so that Christ’s Mystical body can be preserved “unspotted from this world” (James 1:26), but instead they now allow the pagan world to come in and profane the Church and then they pass it off as Catholic education.

The Shameful LA Archdiocesan Religious Education Congress

You indeed allow LGBT people to parade their shame in the Church and run your annual Religious Education Congress, which is nothing but a queer-fest of heresy. What your religious-ed congress has “educated” the people in is the ways of sin. Have you forgotten that homosexuality is one of the “four sins crying to heaven for vengeance?” St. Paul describes homosexuals as “men with men working that which is filthy” (Romans 1:27) and you allow these sex-predators to come in and pollute your household?! Letting LGBT germs in the Church infects the Church and spawns abuse. All the Archdiocesan literature about ‘guarding our youth’ is but a cover for sin. If the Los Angeles Archdiocese had any concern for our Catholic youth they would throw the LGBT people out of the Church because their presence is what is spawning all the abuse in the Church.

And they would throw out the ridiculous “youth ministry” and “music ministry” programs that cause your people to forget God and make fun of religion. What these pseudo-ministries have led to is the abominable “Guitar Mass” and a new gospel of dancing, clapping, women in shorts, tights, with indecent exposure; and also men with earrings, long hair and ponytails—the classic marks of homosexuality and sexual predation.

Elevating Immigration to a Religion

You see, Your Excellency, this “open border-immigration” ideology has been a major part of your religious formation that has caused you to remove the Church’s protective barriers (borders) against secular infiltration, this being equally true of the general body of U.S. bishops. What their “open border” mindset has done is to throw the doors open and allow the hordes of hell to come through and overrun their Church! Instead of locking their doors against worldly influence they allow the maggots of error to come in and inculturate their household and spawn involvement with aberrations like the Charismatic Movement, interfaith worship, “Guitar Mass,” youth ministry, pop-culture, Eucharistic ministers, Communion in the hand, women on the altar, LGBT, etc., all of which have their origin outside the Church.

The worst of it is that these abominations are being advanced in the name of Catholic worship unto the perverting of young Catholic souls. “Woe to the world because of scandals.” (Mt. 18:7)

Hence it behooves our leaders lock their borders against pestilent influence—no germs must be allowed to migrate into their domain. Just as a young virgin must lock evil from her being so we must lock the enemy from our midst.

True Immigration Reform

A true immigration reform would be to go back to the way it was in the 50s when every person seeking residency was thoroughly and fairly vetted and when no regard was given to race. An applicant’s honesty and qualification alone should qualify him, race is of zero importance. This is the Catholic way, the unbigoted way, but today’s socialists waive rules and grant free green cards, insurance, and government benefits to illegals at tax-payers expense just because they are Latino.

This is unjust. This is racist. The immigration reform pushed by today’s radicals is not a form of goodness but is Communist to the core, which means you should wash your hands of it.

Filthy Lucre

Certainly you must know that your USCCB is paid tens of millions of dollars each year to bring in illegal immigrants. From 2012 to 2021, the USCCB received a total of $534,788,660 in taxpayer dollars for “refugee” resettlement programs. With that kind of money coming in, is it any wonder that the U.S. bishops want more “refugees?”

This is corrupt, this is political, and this is what needs to be reformed.

In Christ and His Holy Mother,

David Martin Our Lady’s Workers of Southern California

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