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The Fence is About to Collapse!

By a Carmelite Nun of the Holy Face. O.Carm in Ireland

July 7th, 2021 marks the fourteenth anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s Motu Proprio entitled Summorum

Pontificum, which resulted in a great deal of growth in the traditional Catholic movement, and remains a

thorn in the side of Francis/Bergoglio and his adherents who would be only too glad to have it abolished

altogether. Since 2007, many conservative priestly and religious communities, relying upon this document,

have gained the support of the diocese and simultaneously have been able to celebrate the Traditional

Liturgy exclusively, with relatively little interference from Rome.

Now, however, with the stricter measures about to be taken by the Vatican effectively demanding the

acceptance of the Novus Ordo Missae (which was already implicitly contained in the Motu Proprio), this

situation is likely to change in the very near future.

Pope Benedict’s public acknowledgement of the fact that the Tridentine Mass had never been abrogated was

hailed with enthusiastic applause among many traditional circles, yet at the same time it fostered the

erroneous belief that the difference between the Old Mass and the New (protestantised version!) is only a

question of outward ceremony and personal preference rather than of fundamental doctrinal principles. For

those whose love for the Traditional Latin Mass springs from a love of truth rather than from sentimental

reasons, it is highly distasteful to hear it described as the “Extraordinary Form,” while the Novus Ordo

Missae is regarded as the “Ordinary Form.” They are so completely different from one another, both in their

orientation and in the ‘lex credidi’ which they express, that it is difficult to understand how they can both be

considered legitimate forms of the same Mass!

Nonetheless, Summorum Pontificum has played a major role in facilitating access to the Latin Mass and thus

leading many souls to rediscover the solid doctrine of which it is the visible expression. From the very

beginning of his public appearance, Francis/Bergoglio has shown a rather hostile attitude towards all those

who, by their staunch adherence to the Tridentine Mass, show their opposition to the “Spirit of Vatican II”.

The measures which he is threatening to take against traditionalists come as no surprise, and in fact remind

one of the question Elias asked the people of Israel, who thought they could serve God and worship Baal at

the same time: “How long do you halt between two sides?” (3 Kings 18:21)

Indeed, without wishing to criticize or condemn those who have not yet had the grace to see the matter so

clearly, it seems that the shaky fence of compromise on which so many conservative Catholics have been

sitting for years, is now showing signs of collapsing altogether.

The time is approaching - may it be sooner rather than later! - when there will be no fence left to sit on; no

middle ground on which to stand. Instead there will be a line of division clearly marked between those who

love the true Church as She is – all but hidden in the catacombs; despised and reviled by the world – and

those who prefer to be loyal to the modern religion which has usurped the outward appearances of the

Catholic Church but lacks the inner substance of Catholicism. All, without exception, shall soon be forced to

choose whether to stand with the Good Shepherd, or to side with the white robed hireling who is scattering

and destroying His flock. As Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò clearly stated, “they are mistaken therefore

who believe that it is possible to hold together two opposing forms of Catholic worship in the name of a

plurality of liturgical expression...

In the past, the approbation of the visible hierarchy of the Church was a certain guarantee of the approval of

Jesus Christ, but since the disastrous Council of the sixties, the situation has been almost completely the

reverse. With diabolical cunning, our enemies have concealed and imposed their agenda in the name of

“obedience,” labelling those who resist as divisive, dissenters, schismatics, extremists and fanatics. We must

understand that when the men occupying the highest positions in the Church have lost the Faith so

completely as to be openly working for the destruction of Christian doctrine and morality, we are not only

permitted to oppose them, but we have a moral duty to resist!

We cannot afford to silence our consciences and run the risk of eternal damnation by imprudently practicing

the blind obedience to Christ’s Vicar which was justified and even praiseworthy in times past. Nor can we

afford to pretend that times are normal and simply turn a blind eye to the dangers accompanying any attempt

to be a part of the officially recognized Church, which has become the instrument of the NWO.

According to the Bull ‘Quo Primum’ of Pope St. Pius V, it is the inalienable right of every Catholic priest to

celebrate the Tridentine Mass. Likewise the faithful have the right to attend this Mass. To seek permission

for this from Rome or from diocesan Bishops is to deny that it is a sacred right we already possess; and to

affirm with the modernists that it is merely a privilege to be reluctantly granted to a few individuals. It

follows that any measures Francis/Bergoglio takes to restrict the Tridentine Mass will be null and void.

Our response to this “Mass Confusion,” as it has been well termedii, should be fervent prayer, charity

towards those who haven’t yet had the grace to see clearly, and a firmer conviction that we are in a situation

where Our Lord Jesus Christ and the one who publicly refuses the title ‘Vicar of Christ’ are in opposition.

Let us, by prayer, word and example, reach out a helping hand to those who are still balancing precariously

on the fence so that when the fence does fall - as it will inevitably – they will be on God’s side; the side of

Truth; and may escape from the fate of those who have eyes but will not see and who allow themselves to be

guided by the blind.

(Letter dated 9th June, 2021)




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