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"The Elimination of Fossil Fuels" Would Endanger Humanity

David Martin | The Daily Knight

As reported in the news, Pope Francis through Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Parolin addressed the Dubai COP28 Summit on Dec. 2, calling for "the elimination of fossil fuels" with the argument that fossil fuels are advancing the ruin of the planet.

This proposal is unjust because (1) the elimination of crude oil products would inflict great harm on society and because (2) Francis, an ecclesiastical prelate, is engaging in secular communistic politics and colluding with U.N. pro-abortion billionaires who have asked him to advance this cause for them. Francis famously said that "our duty is to obey" the globalists when they speak, but U.N. globalists are committed to disobeying God and tyrannizing humanity. By obeying globalists, we obey the devil. Can people not see that these internationalist thugs are just trying to enfeeble us? Communists in Competition with Capitalists Communists and Globalists hate western capitalist countries because they see them as competition that gets in their way of taking over the world, so under the pretext of 'mercy' and 'planet care' they seek to take away our strength to better enable their plan to dominate and defeat us. Taking away our fuel places the world in danger.

Let us not miss the obvious: proposing the worldwide elimination of fossil fuels is a deliberate attempt to cripple the West. Virtually all our vehicles, i.e., cars, buses, trucks, ships, jets, helicopters, etc., run on petroleum fuel as does also much of the machinery used in industry. Eliminating fossil fuels would not only cripple and immobilize the populace but would knock the wind out of our economy. The economic setbacks seen during the Covid crunch would be nothing compared to what we will see if western countries take this absurd "fossil fuel" proposal seriously.

The other problem with eliminating fossil fuels and going electric is that it would inevitably lead to a worldwide electric shortage thus making it easy for globalists to ration our electricity. Petroleum, natural gas, and coal are the source of two-thirds of the electricity generated in the U.S., without which our electric output would more than be cut in half at a time when double the electricity would be needed. Eliminating petroleum fuels is a key part of the globalist plan to ground us and place us at the mercy of the global elite.

"Fossil Fuels" Suggests Darwinist Science Fiction

Proposing "the elimination of fossil fuels" also suggests the Darwinist myth of prehistoric life. It's suggesting that the world has been here for billions of years and that the oil in the ground is the residue of dinosaurs and other creatures that died millions of years ago. It's science fiction and denies the dogma of creation. The oil in the ground was placed there by God some 6400 years ago when He created the world in six days because He already knew it would be needed in the future to heat our homes and run our machines. It's His gift to us, but one that should be used responsibly and not for making reckless trips into outer space or to places like Mongolia or Dubai.

Francis famously said that "It is the Communists who think like Christians" because of their "distribution of goods" and "social justice." (IP5, 11-11-16) This is absurd because Communist Russia has never given a penny to the poor or demonstrated any justice. Their well-thought-out plan of distribution of goods is just a way of getting wealthy nations to give them their money through treasonous agreements and fake charities and thus empower them and make the West more vulnerable to capitulate to them. The words of communist-atheists hold no water, yet Francis empowers these criminals by publicly praising them.

Nay, it is not the Communists who think like Christians, but it is the Communists who think like corrupt Capitalists because they seek to knock the good Capitalists out of the race so they [Communists] can possess all the gold, power, and glory for themselves. The Communists are growing stronger with each passing day and like drunkards people cry "peace" and rejoice that "Communism has collapsed," but who told them this but the Communists? As they finalize their plan for world conquest, they don't want the world to suspect what they're about to do so they ring our ears with the things we want to hear.

Nearly 100 years ago, Pope Pius XI told Bishop Fulton Sheen to study Marxism and Communism and never to speak in public during his pontificate without exposing their fallacies. (NC Register, Advent 2023) Why hasn't Francis told the bishops to speak thus? What does that tell us?



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