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  • David Martin | The Daily Knight

The Antilife Synagogue Behind Fr. Pavone’s Dismissal

David Martin | The Daily Knight

Faithful Catholics throughout the world are aghast over Pope Francis’ recent decision to defrock Fr. Frank Pavone for his militant prolife work with the excuse that he committed “blasphemous communications on social media.” What we're really looking at is the culmination of an ongoing attack on Fr. Pavone that has been building for years.

For the past 20 years wayward bishops and priests have viciously attacked Fr. Pavone for his ardent defense of life and have sought ways of expelling him from among the ranks. In an isolated incident on Twitter in 2020 he unfortunately resorted to some ‘inappropriate speech’ in defending his cause against a pro-death Biden supporter and now his enemies are trying to use this as a loophole against him.

The point being that Rome’s verdict against Fr. Pavone has absolutely nothing to do with his slip of the tongue in 2020 but is solely due to the fact that he emphatically defends the unborn and publicly rebukes wayward bishops who neglect the unborn and who abuse their authority to work against prolife. These are bishops who habitually take God’s name in vain by protesting God in the name of God, just like Luther did. They are clerical wolves ripping away at the sheep and profaning the Church in the name of God, which is the worst form of taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Yet Francis is fine with them. Many of these bishops who should be excommunicated for heresy are in perfect standing with Francis. He surrounds himself with homosexual offenders who live the lives of pigs, and appoints some of these pigs to the highest positions in the Vatican, who in turn use their piggish influence to pollute the Faith and war against the cause of sanctity and life and Francis says nothing.

Instead he welcomes them with open arms and says, “who am I to judge,” but when a faithful and true priest defends the helpless and innocent as he should Francis can’t act fast enough to pass judgment. Where is his mercy, his love of inclusion, where is his passionate embrace?

Deplorably, this is a huge scandal to the Church because Fr. Pavone is universally known as a champion for life and what Francis’ action has done is to send the signal throughout the world that Rome is against prolife work. Yes, antilife is being advanced through the channels of Holy Church to the glee of one-world globalists whom Francis collaborates with – people like abortion advocate Jeffrey Sachs, pro-abortion economist Marianna Mazzucato, pro-LGBT Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, and pro-LGBT Cardinal Kevin Farrell who was a close colleague of ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Shame on Francis.

But kudos to Fr. Frank Pavone for his staunch and fervent resolution to continue his prolife work in the coming year with the usual daily Mass and prayers. Francis’ verdict hasn’t daunted him one bit but has rather spurred him to still greater work – glaring proof that God is with Fr. Pavone.

God Speed, keep going!



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