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Suspicious Fires in Russia Speak of Red Scheme to Frame Ukraine

David Martin | The Daily Knight

A powerful explosion was reported in Russia’s Udmurt Republic at a weapons plant that produces nuclear weapon components and Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). A massive fire reportedly broke out at the facility following the explosion.

A powerful explosion occurred at a nuclear weapons facility in Russia's Udmurt Republic on February 8th. The incident was reported by Russian state-run news agency Tass, which said a local emergency services agency announced that the blast was caused by "a scheduled test of rocket engines," calling it "a planned event, not an emergency."

Following the blast, a massive fire broke out at the plant, though there were no reports of injuries or casualties. The fire was not caused by the routine weapon test.

Increased Attacks on Russian Soil Reported

It has also been reported that attacks on Russian soil have increased in intensity throughout the Russian-Ukrainian war, with many of these including acts of arson. Molfar, an open-source intelligence agency found that a record number of industrial fires engulfed Russia in the past year.

According to the report, there were 939 fires in Russia in 2023, compared to 416 in 2022. A map created for Newsweek by Molfar shows that from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2023, the largest number of fires occurred in the region of Moscow (156), with other notable regions including Leningrad (78), Sverdlovsk (53), Rostov (44), and Nizhny Novgorod (37). Newsweek said that Ukraine typically does not comment on or claim responsibility for incidents that occur on Russian territory, hinting that Ukraine was behind the fires.

The report suggests that Ukrainians ignited the fires in Russia for the past two years as part of their "aggression" against Russia. The report insinuates that the Ukrainians were behind the fire at the ICBM production plant in Udmurt Republic after the routine test of February 8.


This ties with a late-breaking story that Ukraine has launched a series of drone attacks on Russian refineries in recent weeks. Since when does Ukraine have the power to penetrate Russian air space and get away with something like this? Whatever happens in Russia is allowed and monitored by the Russians (staged) for their own advantage.

Common sense will tell us that if Russia is mass producing nuclear ICBM warheads it clearly indicates that Russia is not on the defense but is aggressive and on the prowl. It speaks of a premeditated plan to overtake Ukraine and the West. 

St. Paul spoke of the “operation of error to believe lying” (2 Thess. 2:10) that would deceive humanity in the last times. The big media lie today is that Communist Russia collapsed in 1991 and that Putin must now “defend” himself from Zelensky and the West.


Sorrowfully, even some patriots and conservative Catholics on the social media have been taken by this deception, fulfilling Christ’s words that the Antichrist powers of the last times would “deceive (if possible) even the elect.” (Mt. 24:24)


Zelensky No Friend of Ukraine


It's important to remember that Volodymyr Zelensky is the enemy of the Ukrainian people just as Lenin was the enemy of the Russian Proletariat. He only pretended to support them. It is no secret that Zelensky is a trained actor and former homosexual dancer who was placed into power by the notorious George Soros who works conjointly with Putin, Klaus Schwab, and the infamous WEF.

In 1990, George Soros founded the International Renaissance Foundation for the purpose of fueling revolution in the West. The Foundation would also serve as a parallel government to phase out the existing Ukrainian government under Petro Poroshenko. In 2019, Soros placed Zelensky at the head of the International Renaissance Foundation making him the president of the Ukraine. His role has since been to destroy Ukraine under the pretext of helping the Ukrainian people.


His charity act has been his ploy for sucking mega $billions out of the West. Zelensky has used the war on Ukraine to collect $billions from Joe Biden. In May 2022, Biden gave $40 billion to Zelensky to fuel the war effort in Ukraine and now he has signed a $60 billion aid package to “help” the Ukrainians. Zelensky in turn funnels much of this money to Putin to build his arsenal against Ukraine and the West. 


Putin and the Kremlin have done everything in their power to deceive the West into thinking that Ukraine’s “aggression” has forced them into “defending” themselves and it appears that the 939 fires in Russia (that no one can seem to explain) are part of this deceptive scheme to frame Ukraine as the perpetrators of war.


*Just so they could put out their fake reports.






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